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  1. I’ve never had a word to describe my fashion or design style though my husband, sisters, and friends have often referred to our home, my clothing and other tastes as “different”.
    After 61 years of being called “different”, I’m declaring (with pride) my style is boho. How did I go all these years without realizing I’m a true bohemian at heart?! I love it! A week ago, I discovered “The Little Bazaar” and I’m enchanted…overjoyed!
    I read “Shades of Being Bohemian” with a smile, adoring all of the colors mentioned. As a young bohemian woman, I embraced every gorgeous earthy shade I could find. Over the years, I noticed myself being drawn more to rich jewel tones, not loud or garish, but rich in pigment and soft to the eye. Thanks for asking!

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