You carry that perfect bohemian gypsy look with your boldly colored maxi wrap skirt and hippie jewelry. But are you a true bo­hemian and have a boho soul? Let’s find out!

You are free-spirited. What does it actually mean? Well, it means that you live in your own way and you have your individual lifestyle. You never try to imitate or copy someone’s style, you just take inspitation from whatever comes in your way. You highly believe in yourself and are always self-confident, no mater what. You are bold enough to say what is right and you always take a stand for yourself. You are not affected by the society’s rules and people’s weird stares don’t bother you. You don’t follow anyone but instead, you are a follower of your own instincts. You are a trend-setter in your own unique way!

You are creative or at least try to be! You like fusing ideas and think of innovate ways of doing the simplest things that makes you different from others. You know how to laugh at yourself and you never offend anyone. You love art and of course, a lot of colors! You have a creative mind and you like painting, dancing, writing, or maybe cooking. You love going to unkown places and know about various cultures and traditions of different people, and get motivated by their lifestyle.

You love gaining new skills. You are always doing something new and you never let yourself waste even a single precious moment of your life. You don’t let your work or your job overpower you because you know the YOLO (you live only once) con­cept very well and you always take out time to travel, have fun, learn a new language or how to play a guitar! You are always ready to take on challenges and go for an adventure. You love to connect your mind and soul with the nature. The smallest things make up for your biggest memories.

You love yourself before anyone else. It doesn’t mean that you are selfish but you invest time in yourself and are independent. You don’t mind being alone and spending time all by youself. You appreciate your own company but at the same time, you also love meeting new people from different places and making them friends. You never hurt anyone’s feelings and possess a positive attitude, even in your bad times. You care about knowing the world around you. You always live in the present moment and try to make it perfect and memorable.

Being a boho at heart means that you always do what makes you happy you feel comfortable in your own skin!

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