Are you planning to visit the beaches of Ibiza or wander the streets of Italy? Do you love bohemian fashion and want to travel in style without carrying a lot of luggage? If yes, then here are some great tips to plan a smooth travel.

  • Clothes: Pick light-weight clothes, like full length wrap skirts, shorts and gaucho pants. They look really cool and are extremely comfortable but buy one with a hint of gypsy style – embroidery, tie-dye or patch work. Cotton and linen make a great choice of fabrics, as you can wear them in every season.
  • Accessories: You can carry a different variety of accessories to match and pair with every dress. From chunky and colorful to chic and metallic, jewelry can make any simple outfit look beautiful. You can wear accessories casually as well as while going to parties. Also, carry a hat and sunglasses – you will always need them.
  • Shoes: You can leave the heels at home for a while. Always carry sandals and shoes with a flat sole because you would definitely want to be comfortable at all times while going to different places and having fun.
  • Bag: Never forget to carry a side bag with a comfortable broad strap. You will be collecting souvenirs, buying gifts for friends back home and picking up unique stuff from the local market. Plus, a fanny pack is a great way to keep your money and passport secure.
  • Diary: We all carry our phones and cameras to click lots of photographs and save memories but it is really cool if you also carry a diary along with you. Because if you do not get a chance to click a picture or remember something incredible, the diary will be there with you. Forever!

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