Have you ever tried to look hip and cool but failed to do so because you were not confident enough to carry the new style and were afraid if your friends will make fun of you? Do you want to change your boring routine style and surprise everyone with your totally groovy attire? Is there a thought in your mind to try a gypsy look but you do not have enough ideas about how you should start in a right way? Or you have some ideas but you still want to look elegant? If yes, then you are at the right place! Here are some tips for you to get that boho look without going overboard.


  • Start Small: As this is your first time, you do not want anyone to stare at you weirdly and make you uncomfortable. Start with small things, like a handbag or some jewelry. This will give you some boost and once you get comfortable with these funky little things, then you can move on!



  • Playful Footwear: This is a cool way to show off your free gypsy spirit. A multicolored embroidered pair of flats with a simple outfit will steal the look. Moreover, cool girly anklets are a rage these days. You can have these in metallic or colorful beaded ones.



  • Cool Piercings: It might be a bit painful but is definitely worth it. Nose-piercings are trending these days and may be you can try it too. You can also go for a navel piercing if you can stand the pain. With a lot of different styles and designs coming into the market, this one tiny thing looks perfect on every girl.



  • Funky Sunglasses: Everyone wears sunglasses. Why not try something that makes you look a bit boho-chic yet not scary! Try different frames and large-sized glasses and get ready for going out in the sun. For a bohemian style, you can choose aviators but simple round glasses are perfect. They are easily available and are a great start for your boho journey!



  • Ink on Skin: Tattoos are cool and hip. But choose something which is special to you and above all, is a fun boho tattoo. If you are creative, you can also have some of your own designs. If not, here are a few designs that you can have inked upon your body.



  • Boho Hair: Try braiding your hair into different styles and also, buy some hair accessories and gypsy head gear. A cool band with bohemian prints on it will keep your hair in place and will add to your new style. If everything else fails, simply go for the feathers!



  • Trendy Jackets: Keep you dressing style simple amd still be fashionable with colorful hippie jackets. Just throw one over your shoulders and look like you have have come fresh out of your wardrobe with chic fun style jackets in various materials.



  • Maxi Skirts: Finally, one thing that will truly make you look bohemian is a cheery long skirt. You can not complete your attire with this piece of clothing. No matter what you choose, a long skirt will never fail to get compliments for you. Try it once and it is going to make everyone’s heads turn!



So, what are you waiting for? Grab your shopping bag and get creative! Find your own inner bohemian hippie style and give a pleasant surprise to yourself and everyone else with some cool innovative fashion outfits.


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