A Comfortable and Complimenting Option for Plus Size

In a world full of skinny jeans and shortening shorts it is becoming increasingly uncomfortable to shop for plus-sizes. For as much body positivity as celebrities, the media, and feminists are shouting it is not being reflected in clothing stores. It can be disheartening to go shopping, and is not seen as an enjoyable experience because nothing fits. If it does fit it is usually insanely expensive. Fashion options can be very limiting—at least for mainstream style.


If looking outside of what Macy’s is selling there are some styles that are friendly to women of all styles. A bohemian or gypsy style skirt is usually misrepresented that it is just something hippies that are as thin as willow trees wear. Bohemian skirts are often made in plus size, and they work out well for larger curves because it is not designed to hug. It is made to flair out so that it can look like something that is freeing instead of confining.


Bohemian skirts also come in a variety of different colors and styles—not just a white skirt with a few ruffles and lace. They are often described as being simple and elegant. While yes, sparkles and hooter shorts might seem “cool” in the movies it is not exactly considered classy. Even women who have the body type for that outfit only feel comfortable if they are getting drunk in it.

The skirts are also often adjustable. It’s nice to have options in styles like that—even if you are willow thin. Some days are just days where your body feels like it needs to be bloated. It is also nice to know that if you do lose any weight that an entirely new wardrobe does not need to be bought.


Often times when looking at bohemian skirts there are pants sold there as well that are snug and breathable. These pants are made from Algodon (which is Spanish for cotton) that are crochet-laced making them different, but not in an uncomfortable way.

Clothes that are designed for comfort as the starting point, and then go for looks following it are really a win-win for all women. Of course, if you are tired of clothes never seeming to fit check out a bohemian store. It is not a shop just for hippies—you might find something that you like.

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