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A History of the Boho Style

There are few things as romantic as the French, war, and the arts. These three things combined together create one of the most free-flowing fashion trends that have begun to resurface in popularity—the Bohemian style. A bohemian is “a person, as an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices.” Not surprisingly these people were sometimes referred to as gypsies and began appearing in 1799 in France after the end of the French Revolution. The war caused many artists to fall into poverty, and take up living a nomadic lifestyle. The style which many people cherish today as comfortable and colorful was considered to be unfashionable in the time of its birth. It was not until Romanticism began to peek in Europe in the 1850s that the Boho style began to get any praise, and the artists began to be cherished for their free living culture.

One of the first most popular bohemian artists was Danta Rossetti who was a painter and a poet in the 19 th century. In 1859 he did an oil painting titled Bocca Baciata, which is considered to be an ideal representation of a boho woman of that time. In 1881 the rational dress reform begins, and clothing that is practical along with comfortable begins to take root in Victorian fashion trends. The bloomer suit is born in 1881. In 1896 Giacomo Puccini creates a popular opera titled “La Boheme” that shows young bohemians living in the Latin Quarter of Paris. This opera will be remade in 1996 into a bohemian rock musical called “Rent.”

It isn’t until the 20 th century that the hobble skirt, harem pants, and the “lampshade” tunic makes their way onto the fashion scene by French designer Paul Poiret between 1902-1929. Of course what most people really recognize as bohemian fashion is the “gypsy look” which was brought about by Dorothy McNeill and called the “Dorelia Look.” These were when the full skirts and bright colors with little else were born.

World War I soon began and with another war there began an evolution of fashion particularly for women. With all the men going off to battle women had to join the work force, and since corsets are impractical for factory work they began to wear trousers. During the 1920s the flapper fashion became popular but bohemian stayed flourishing with gypsies and travelers. In 1949 the bohemian style briefly turned away from the bright colors when French actress/singer Juilette Greco wore all black and gold sandals.

The 1960s brought about the hippies who majorly shaped the bohemian fashion known and loved today. Much like the original creators of the boho style hippies embraced individuality, and so their outfits ended up being very colorful. The skirts were free flowing, the tunics loose, a lot of the clothes were patched together, and there was mixing of prints and colors. All of this can be seen on Janis Joplin the bohemian icon from 1962-1970, and on Cher during her early career when she began singing with her now ex-husband Sonny Bono in 1964. Other popular boho icons in the 1960s include Stevie Nicks, Twiggy, Steven Tyler, and Jane Birkin.


In the 1970s the women’s liberation movement was in the forefront of the world asking women to be true to themselves. This newfound freedom of second wave feminism was not only found in college classrooms but also clothing started to reflect these ideas.

In the 1990s boho icon Johnny Depp made his way onto the silver screen, and has always been seen as a true bohemian who never conformed. Even today he is seen to be unique in his style. Another popular icon of this fashion at this time was English singer-songwriter Imogen Jennifer Heap . . . in 2003 the boho chic is born which combines bohemian and hippie styles. That same year Bohemian becomes mainstream fashion because of American fashion designer, author, and actress Nicole Richie. Mary-Kate Olsen a child star who turned into a fashion icon was also a big supporter of the bohemian style, but in 2005 several media outlets said that she took it too far with torn baggy jeans, tons of scarves, and having knotty hair. They said her look was not boho chic but instead “homeless chic.” Mary-Kate cleaned up her look since then but continues to dress in the bohemian style. Other icons of the 2000s include Kate Moss, Mischa Barton, and Florence Welch. The boho icon of today, appearing in 2014, is actress, singer/songwriter, model, musician and producer Zooey Deschanel.

It does not appear that the bohemian fashion is going anywhere anytime soon. During the 2016 Fashion Week designers Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Etro, Alberta Ferretti, and Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini all showed outfits that showed boho inspiration. Any quick look into a fashion magazine will show that bold prints, flowing maxis, flowering dresses, and fringed vests are not anywhere close to going out of style.

The Bottom of Being Bohemian

Boho-chic is a fashion style that became relatively popular thanks to actress
Sienna Miller, model Kate Moss, and actress/businesswoman Mary-Kate Olsen
(not a fashion that was shared with her twin). This fashion style is a mixture of
hippie and bohemian and while these three made it super popular in 2005, and
the term ‘boho-chic’ was born, it has actually been around (with on-and- off
popularity) since the 1799. It is likely never going to disappear (and who really
wants it to?) so here are some weird facts about the boho-chic!


“BoHo” is an abbreviation of Bohemian Homeless—sounds depressing. It’s actually a self-describing word of the actual original creators of the bohemian style which were homeless gypsies of 1799 France. Not surprisingly, Bohemian skirts are sometimes referred to as gypsy skirts. In fact, Bohemian actually
translates to gypsy in French.

“Chic” is another word taken from France that was established as an English
word in the 1870s. It means elegant.

So if we put this all together ‘boho-chic’ technically translates to elegant
bohemian homeless.

That’s right! Boho-chic Goth was a thing that began popping up around midsummer of 2006. It was infusing the boho-chic look with a heavy metal attitude of biker boots, studded leather jackets, and of course skulls. There is something vampire-like about the bohemian skirt, and nothing says Goth like something that is long and flowing. The mixture of lace and leather is obviously a good pairing. Popular rock singer Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine is known to exhibit
this style.

Sherlock Holmes
One of the first times Dr. Watson ever describes the detective Sherlock Holmes in “A Scandal in Bohemia” he does so by saying “Holmes, who loathed every form of society with his whole Bohemian soul, remained in our lodgings in Baker Street, buried among his old books, and alternating from week to week between cocaine and ambition.” While the cocaine is something to be frowned upon, the fact that writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle decided to describe Holmes, as having a ‘bohemian soul’ in his first ever short story with the detective in 1891 is interesting.

Thinking back to roots of where bohemian style came from—from the gypsies
and the outcasts—it shouldn’t be surprising that many of the people who take up
the fashion style are non-conformists. (Yes, technically conforming to fashion style is conforming but every person fits into some box.) Bohemian stylists are often the people who are found in anti-establishment action (hello hippies!) and
into individualism. They also have a love for art be it visual, literature, or

Men’s Boho
Bohemian fashion is most commonly associated with women because generally
people think of the long, flowing, insanely comfortable but fashion-friendly
skirts. If Holmes can be seen as a bohemian soul that means it can also be a male
fashion thing as well. (Boho-dude should be a made into a fashion name.) For
men the fashion takes on a lot of distressed jeans, lots of laying of clothes, and
scarves. In fact, major hot hunk of a man Johnny Depp is a boho-dude.

It was never meant to be a fashion style
Unlike most fashion trends like platform boots, short-shorts, or JNCO Jeans the boho-chic or bohemian style was never meant to be a style. It was made popular by people who honestly did not care if their clothes were trendy or not. Gypsies did not care what people thought of how they dressed which is one of the reasons they were considered to be sexy. Even thinking about when it became popular in 1967 with the rise of the hippie it wasn’t because it was really a fashion statement. Flowing skirts were just a reflection of a “free-flowing” sort of attitude.

Poodle skirts in 2017

Poodle skirts in 2017? Poodle Skirts are adorable garments which are made in the classic swing skirt style, narrow at the waist and full at the bottom. They are the perfect style for dancing because they swing with movement and were the preferred attire for dances called “sock hops” in the 1950s. A poodle skirt is a wide swing felt skirt of a solid color (often pink or powder blue) displaying a design appliquéed or transferred to the fabric.[1] The design was often a coiffed poodle. Later substitutes for the poodle patch included flamingoes, flowers, and hot rod cars. Hemlines were to the knee or just below it.
The skirt was easy for people to make at home, since the design was simple and the materials easily available.
Movie stars commonly wore this skirt, and it featured widely in magazines and advertising, and many were eager to keep up with Hollywood’s fashions, adding to its popularity. They are the perfect style for dancing because they swing with movement and were the preferred attire for dances called “sock hops”. There are some differences between poodle skirts and typical swing skirts. Poodle skirts generally had more length, often reaching to or below the mid-calf.
Of course, poodle skirts also had poodles, or appliqués of different designs. The appliqués could be made from felt or a variety of other fabrics such as chenille.
It may seem that they used poodle on poodle skirts, however other items were also used to adorn them. One example is a telephone with a winding cord replacing the winding leash. Other animals were sometimes used as well, such as kittens. Images of foods were also sewn on to skirts such as lollipops and ice cream cones or sundaes.
Many people enjoy wearing poodle skirts for costumes today and they are fairly simple to recreate. Several companies offer patterns or you can simply adapt a full skirt by adding appliqués and a crinoline. They also form what is worn today in the bohemian genre.

White Skirts – ephemeral and eternal

white-skirt-closeupWhite Skirt in Salt BackgroundWhite is an eternal color. Anything in white can look good, sober, stylish. Embellished white, especially with silver, gold, ruby and white itself can be ephemeral and eternal at the same time. The idea of  festooned long white skirts and modest, limited top is lived so well in this picture from Vintage Market Ibiza (credits owed to them).  If this is a style you would like to try, at a mere 30 to 40 bucks, there are many long white skirts available at[1]3486-royal-white-embellished-cotton-skirt_th[1]4016-white-decor-crepe-skirt_th[1]4067-snow-white-crochet-skirt_th[1]

Wrap Around Skirts become popular

Wrap-Around-Print-SkirtWrap Around Skirts are becoming increasingly popular. Animal Print and other print Wrap Arounds come in different sizes. The long ones are particularly popular. The ability to wrap them lower or just a little higher on the waist give them fit many sizes and many body types. The animal print ‘batiks’ are a more common style. Made of raw natural cotton with traditional printing techniques. See these and more more styles currently available at

Alia Bhatt’s new Skirts Fashion in 2 States

Alia Bhatt wears Bollywood fashion mogul Manish Malhotra’s styles in fusion Indian clothing, primarily long skirts and every day fashion suits. The young fashionista is  in college girl avatar to woo the audience with her flattering south Indian look, combined in west Indian Gujarati/Rajasthani look. The fusion look suits her character on one side, and on the other it has started a very modern Indian fashion movement that emphasizes traditional long skirts, in a very modern look woman.alia-bhatt-2-states-skirts-blue2





























What are Prairie skirts?

You’ve see these Tiered Ombré Skirts at Nordstroms of the world – these are Prairie skirts that are slightly flared to very full, with one or more flounces (deep ruffles) or tiers, and are often worn over a ruffled eyelet or lace-trimmed petticoat.
The boho skirt in many ways resembles prairie skirts that were worn during the early 1800s. Prairie skirts were often made of homespun cotton or cotton feed sacks. In those days, feed sacks were highly valued because they were printed in small floral patterns, and prairie women often recycled the feed sacks into blouses and skirts.
Prairie skirts are so-called after their resemblance to the home-sewn skirts worn by pioneer women in the mid-19th century, which in turn are a simplified version of the flared, ruffled skirts characteristic of high-fashion dresses of the 1820s.
In keeping with their design inspiration, traditional prairie skirts are usually made of “country” fabrics such as denim and flowered calico. Prairie skirts are a staple of women’s western wear, and very full prairie skirts are worn for square dancing.
Mid-calf length, button-front denim prairie skirts with a single flounce, worn with a petticoat that was slightly longer than the skirt, became a mainstream fashion in the 1970s and early 1980s.
Short, many-tiered prairie skirts of voile, chiffon or other lightweight fabrics were a fashion trend in 2005. Some wear longer-length prairie skirts with a slip or underskirt to preserve modesty.
There is a right and a wrong way to wear a prairie skirt, and the key to success has more to do with balancing your line than with any inherent style ability. The key to wearing a prairie skirt successfully is to remember that the skirt design is naturally long and flowing, so the rest of your ensemble should not be that long. Choose a fitted knit shirt or tank top for your upper half, and belt your prairie skirt around your natural waist.
Prairie skirts are not all extra-wide and flowing. You can choose your length as well as your width of prairie skirt, and the new breed of shorter tiered prairie skirts are more figure-skimming and flattering.
Down there, platform sandals are a great choice along with a cloth bohemian bag and a bandanna headband.

Bohemian Winter Scarves woo this year

Spice up you dull wintry ensembles with some super voguish scarves…a captivating collection of scarves, shawls, stoles, and other bohemian look warm tops that will keep you both warm and stylish during the chilly wintry season.
Check these scarves at

Wondering How to prep up your clothes in the dull Winter? Every Girl whines on this one thing with the start of the every Winter and since Winter 2011 is in its thick this has become the hot topic for all Fashion-lovers. I know its hard to shed those mini’s, denim shorts, sleeveless Tee’s and Halter-neck tops and Getting covered up with wool from Head to Toe. Well here is something you can do during the cold months by staying protected yet popping up some style quotient in your attire at the same time….

I feel Scarf is the basic necessity during winter months, whether you are dressing up for work, party or just going in the neighborhood for a stroll…But how you wear your scarf is also of utmost importance. Being creative is the key, a single scarf can be used in many ways to create different styles. Yes, that one piece of colourfull cloth can be draped in more than a dozen styles given you a different look each time…

Carry Long Skirts Into The Autumn Fall

Must agree that wearing long skirts in summer can be tricky. As cute and “summery” as they might be, they can also be hot as all hell. But autumn’s cool breezes suddenly turn ornamental skirtails into functional pieces, keeping our gams cool, but still noticeably stylin’ under close-to-sheer fabrics. Here’s a guide to keeping warm and looking cool while skipping out on the whole Olsen frumpiness vibe.
The general rule is to keep bulkiness either on top or on bottom, but in this case, loose-fitting threads can be worn in both places. Pair a flowy, a-line skirt with a slightly cropped sweater or button-up shirt by keeping the waist cinched, either by tucking it in or using a belt. Pairing an a-line skirt with a tight sweater or blouse can look too home-on-the-prairie. And as always, heels give the look a less bohemian and more sophisticated feel.

Printed Maxis Long Skirts Autumn
Printed Maxis Long Skirts Autumn

To copycat the sassiness of the skirt, pair with an unzipped, well-fitted jacket with a solid tank underneath. Or to rev up grunge, pair with a loose, long-sleeve cropped tee, especially if it has a vintage band name slashed across the front. To dress it up, tuck a sleek blouse with a plunging neckline (and preferably a plunging back, to boot) into a tight maxi skirt of the same color. Black skirts and tops match best, but can cause one to look like a siren.

Autumn calls for rich solids and textures opposed to the florals and stripes of summer. Work a summer skirt by layering with a long blazer for a subtle pop of print.

Sheer Layers - Fall Autumn Long Skirts 2011
Sheer Layers - Fall Autumn Long Skirts 2011

This is the one maxi skirt you can dress up with a bunch of sweaters. The volume on top dwindles. It becomes balanced with exposed ankles clad in super high heels or boots, adding sleekness to an otherwise heavy look.

Courtesy: – Marissa Oswald

The City star experiments Bohemian

Long skirts are the IT item of the season…
Olivia Palermo is into “flouncy skirts” at the moment. The 25-year-old socialite rose to prominence on reality show The City, soon becoming a global fashion icon. Olivia tends to opt for chic, well-fitting garb, although recently she’s been experimenting with some more bohemian pieces. “I love flouncy skirts!” she enthused to
“Colour is always something I look for when dressing. I tend to always complete my look with great accessories.”

Olivia takes style inspiration from a variety of sources, admiring stars from days gone by as well as current fashionistas such as Victoria Beckham. One of the beauty’s main fashion crushes is American businesswoman Iris Apfel, because she’s so original.

olivia palermo long skirt bohemian
olivia palermo long skirt bohemian

Olivia Palermo maxi skirt
Olivia Palermo maxi skirt

Olivia Palermo Bohemian Style
Olivia Palermo Bohemian Style

Olivia+Palermo+Celebrities Bohemian look
Olivia Palermo Celebrities Bohemian look

“Iris Apfel’s style is electric and unique while Audrey Hepburn redefined elegance, class and glamour. I love the way the Hepburns – both Katharine and Audrey – dressed.

“But I also admire modern-day women, like Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham,” beamed Olivia.

Spring/Summer 2011 Collection has a new look

Bohemian floralprints, candy colors, and playful dots, everything is in one special, wearable collection for the upcoming season.

Among so many different summer collections, there is one that seems to draw all the attention due to its i
ncredible colors, intricate beading and one-of-a-kind embellishments, and the fabrics used. Both affordable and wearable, the New Look spring/summer 2011 collection stands out through its interesting modern-vintage combination managing to cover all the season’s trends.

From crisp white and beige to bright, fruity colors, from romantic florals to flirty dots and chic stripes, this is one extremely rich collection that has something in order to please everyone. Moreover, the New Look shoes and platform sandals are fabulous and vintage-like handbags are absolutely beautiful.

Chanel Resort Collection 2011 features Bohemian Fashion

Karl Lagerfeld Resort 2011 collection was full clothes like diaphanous caftans, long crocheted dresses, ruffle-lapelled silk jersey trouser suits, and patchwork denim skirts. In all, it was a colorful, bohemian style collection that was inspired by 70s style fashion and evoked holiday feeling and celebration.

Resort Collection for Chanel in Saint Tropez for 2011 – which was colorful and Bohemian.

Wear a skirt this winter

Every year fashion pandits declare that skirts are back; others are making it simpler and have started agreeing that skirts really never go out of fashion. And now increasingly this so very fiminine of the dresses are becoming the every year wear even for the winters. As long as your lifestyle is not going to expose to harsh winters, even short skirts and shorts are something doable for winters. On the safer side long skirts can surely work if they can keep the legs warm.
colorful winter skirt orange
Look for knit or woolen skirts, or denim. Dark colors work great in winters, in thicker cotton or velvet. Find something that you can wear under the skirt. Armor, stockings or knee-high socks can be easily be worn under a long skirt. Thick woolen stockings can be worn under a three-quarters length long skirt. You can take a look in the pantyhose section of your local department store to find thick knitted stockings. However, beige stockings may work best, as they look good under almost everything. Making layers out of your undergarments can protect you against the chilling weather. Invisible pantyhose, with layer knee-high socks over it, can be worn when you are feeling very cold. This will help you keep warm when you step out. In case you are wearing a short skirt or a tunic dress, a pair of skinny jeans or tights can be worn under it, and sometimes even sweat pants of three quarters length.
winter long skirt
For your feet, you may be tempted to wear knee high boots; However, if it’s not icy cold, you can wear flats as well. Stilettos and big heels are to be avoided in the winter season. Safety factor should be considered while choosing boots with long skirts, as there is always a chance to trip down with the wrong boots.
Choice of top can be critical. A long sleeved shirt will look nice and it can be teamed with a matching jacket or blazer. More feminine crochet jackets could work great this winter!
Add not to forget accessories like scarves, long beeded necklaces and boots, if you will!

What is in for fall 2010 Bohemian

In the Fall Ready to Wear show early this year in New York, the full-time traveler was on Charlotte Ronson’s mind for Fall, but not the business-class type. Hers was a peripatetic seventies gypsy, too busy seeing the world to get caught up in the Studio 54 thing. The overall mood was of fluid, thrown-together sexiness.fall 2010 ready-to-wear-Charlotte Ronson-Runway-Azul Caletti
Vagabond wear included long pleated skirts in raspberry, rust, and floral prints; they looked great with belted tunics and hammered-silk tanks. An army green utility cape and a gray cocoon jacket added a dose of functionalism, while a sheer black lace blouse was pure form. We could have done without the shiny harem pants that joined the caravan, but—playful turbans and all—it was an eclectic mix that worked (pics –
Autumn 2010 ready-to-wear Charlotte Ronson-Runway-Jacquelyn Jablonski
From Arcadia AW10 looks like maxis are insanely good this year. All the Arcadia brands had winter maxis and you could be wearing yours this autumn as well. They look the best with jackets rather than coats.
winter autumn-2010-maxis
Winter-autumn 2010 Maxis with floral or block prints
The Kenzo collection for the Fall Autumn 2010 season was present at the Paris Fashion Week where the world-wide clothing brand showed the bohemian and romantic spirit of the 1970s. Definitely, this is a very good and beautiful collection for the upcoming colder months. Kenso proposes us to wear a look that combines hippie fashion with the use of masculine pieces. The very same designer has mentioned that, for women, it is very important the freedom to choose how they want to wear their clothes. Even, the possibility of choosing and wearing men’s pieces is a wonderful thing. On the catwalks, we were able to see vests and sweaters with flower prints  or animal prints, with the purpose of adding a different small touch.
Kenzo collection Fall 2010 season paris
Kenzo collection Fall 2010 Season Paris - Bohemian Skirts

What footwear or shoes to wear with long skirts

What footwear or shoes to wear with long skirts? Check here for some beautiful long skirts.

There are many fashion trends that come and go, just as hemlines rise and fall. One of the classic styles that has endured over many decades is the long, mid-calf length skirt. It is a versatile style that can be dressed up or dressed down, and the shoe that one chooses to wear with a long skirt can determine whether one looks good enough or not.

Shoes that were one regarded as strictly casual shoes have been refashioned to fit more formal situations. Sandals are a classic example of that. Long summer skirts look very appropriate with sandals. Flat strappy sandals can be the perfect compliment to a casual summery skirt. They are the perfect addition to an outfit that is designed to scream comfort.

These are just a few of the many possibilities that can work with long skirts. Since there are no longer the hard and fast rules regarding style that there once were, people have a lot more leeway to choose what appeals to them. Although it’s safe to say that just about anything is acceptable, one should always remember that the occasion for which one is dressing should be the most important consideration when deciding what kind of shoe to pair with a long skirt.

A ballet flat can be elegant but casual. If one is looking for a retro type of look, one could wear Fry boots (the style of the 1970’s,) a Birkenstock will look okay, as will a casual sandal or even a pair of flip flops with a wedge. Clogs have always looked great with denim skirts, and a long denim skirt is no exception. Suede ankle boots or elegant knee high boots are also an option, but these are best suited to casual occasions. Some types of clogs can also look great with a long straight casual skirt.

Check here for some beautiful long skirts.

Rachel Bilson’s fashion style – vintage and bohemian style

A true fashion addict, Rachel Bilson has managed to define her own fashion style easily. Fashion has the power of making people look and feel great while still maintaining their individuality. Rachel Bilson’s fashion style is filled with personality as it goes into the vintage and bohemian style.

These fashion styles are very unique and require a well developed fashion sense to be worn. Dressing fashionable, with great taste and personality is not an easy task, but since Rachel has always been flirting with fashion she has quickly learned the basics of fashion and developed her own style.

Accessories are Rachel’s best friends when it comes to fashion as they help complete and give a distinct look to any outfit. Bangles, hats, necklaces, scarves and different style shoes help Rachel emphasize her femininity and gorgeous style outfits.

A true fashion lover, Rachel Bilson can truly be a style icon when it comes to fashion, as she makes the most interesting and lovely fashion choices.

Bohemian Skirts for Summer

If what you are looking for is slirts that mesmerize both when you wear it and when others see it – you can call it boho, peasant, tiered or gypsy, whatever you like, one thing is for certain though, these skirts are unbelievably cute.

The bohemian fashion style is very popular this season. The boho look is very retro, hippie like, with a lot of chic printed and colored fabric. This look is very comfortable, feminine and it reminds you of those warm summer days.

Bohemian Brown Long SkirtThe boho skirts are a very important part of the bohemian fashion style.

Flowy Long SkirtThe skirts are loose around the body and can vary in length. The skirts can have under the knee length or floor length. The fabric the skirts are made of is usually cotton or other types of fabric that flow around the body. They look incredibly hot as they accentuate the waist and hide the hips and legs.

The color pallet of the skirts varies widely. You can find them in one color like peach, green, yellow, blue, in multiple colors, tie dyed, floral printed.

The color range is absolutely unbelievable.

One of the best things about these skirts is that they can be worn with flats, flip-flops, platform shoes or high heels. No matter what you put on you will still look amazing.

A nice bohemian skirt, a pair of flats, a simple top and a handbag is all you need to look gorgeous and very trendy. The best thing about this outfit is that you will look and feel great and comfortable at the same time.

As far as accessories go you can wear boho style jewelery like a pair of dangling earrings, a nice boho bracelet or a boho necklace. You can even go without any accessories for a more simple look.

Hollywood celebrities have fallen in love with this look at we can see why. Nicole Richie, Sienna Miller, Ashley Olsen, Victoria Beckham, Ashley Simpson are only a few celebrities that have been spotted rocking this type of skirts.

Layered Long SkirtLong Straight SkirtWhite Long Skirt

Courtesy become

Types of skirts

Health O Style – There are many varieties of skirts and there is no limit to imagination of designers but listed below are some common types of skirts with tips on their suitability and when or with what they should not be worn:
• The Pencil –
This skirt has a high waist with hugs hips and it usually goes below the knees.
Suitable for: These skirts are right for you only if you have a skinny or slim figure.
Not suitable for: Avoid wearing these skirts with boots.
• The A-line –
It is the basic kind of skirt which kisses the thighs and hips while sitting snugly at the waist. It is wider at the hem.
Suitable for: It would look great on you if you have a pear-shaped figure. It evens out heavier hips and thighs.
Not suitable for: Avoid this skirt if you have narrow hips.
• Flared skirts –
These skirts are basically A-line skirts having extra flare which swish and swing about the legs.
Suitable for: These skirts are for you if you have tall and heavy hips. You should wear printed flared skirts if you are tall and thin.
Not suitable for: Avoid these skirts as office-going clothes.
• Straight skirts –
These skirts fall straight from the hip and can suit a variety of body shapes.
Suitable for: straight skirt with loose knee length hides big thighs and suit short, petite women while a longer one with high waist makes women curvy and looks great on medium or tall women.
Not suitable for: Avoid wearing these skirts with platform heels.
• Tube skirts –
Tube skirts are just like pencil skirts but a little longer. They fall below the knee while pencil skirts goes below the knees.
Suitable for: Ankle-length tube skirt looks great on women with a slim or hourglass figure.
Not suitable for: Avoid wearing close toed shoes with these skirts.
• Miniskirts:
The minis are the shortest of short skirts. They make you feel sexy.
Suitable for: Minis look great on short women or women with long torsos as they give appearance of long legs. If you have shapely legs, wear miniskirts to show them off.
Not suitable for: Avoid wearing miniskirts in social outings.

Fall skirts for young girls

Health O Style – The fall is offering fabulous trends in skirts irrespective of any body shapes and sizes. From zero size to busty and from short to tall body stature. Wouldn’t you flatter yourself?
Before you exchange or dump out your summer’s shorts, check out shopping guide to know the most flattering skirt for your figure and for dear ones if any.
short skirts for fall
But before you step out don’t get carried away by beautiful pieces lying in the shops. Buy only which will suit your height and shape. Read these guidelines to know what kind of skirts will fit you. There is a cloth for every one.
For tall and long legs, the best skirt will be something like tailored top- be it a crisp black or button-down shirt-to keep the look flirty but not flashy.
If you are fat and bulky or better way plus-size, nothing to worry you have your choice. You could go for a high- waisted black A-line skirt. Don’t get conscious because of the plus-size. Full, knee-length skirt will go perfectly with pear-shape body stature like Claudia schiffer and Penelope cruze. It will streamline your sexy curves. You can paire with pumps as well.
For small body, a bright, ruffled or tulip-shape skirt with a neutral top is a good matching and wearing this can give you good curves too. The colour combination will give that turn heads and flirty attraction. If your shape is boyish, like Hillary Swank you can go for a fited, calf-length skirt. It will make you look curvy. Added with patent heels will make the look glamorous sexy and attractive.
For any body shape, you can apt to knee-length pencil skirt. This goes with any body shape and they look sexy with the fitting. The trick is that you should know which skirt fits well and close to the body and has a high waisted low riding. It shouldn’t give you that unimpressive fitting shape. Go flatter yourself this fall.

Going For Long Skirts

February 4, 2009 Health o Style Online Magazine – Fashion is a big vicious circle what goes comes around again. If you look at the fashion trends carefully today one would definitely find that the same style comes and goes. So this time long skirts once very popular fashion are again back in the market. If you are the one who loves wearing skirts, so why don’t you try this time?  One could actually look good and also you can pamper your body with these different types of long skirts.
Long Skirt
So guys just check out these long skirts probably you could fine at least one pair. Here are long wool blend skirts, you are sure to look sexy with the cut in waist and I bet if you add booths you will look amazing. Different ranges of colors are available so it will not be a problem for you to find out your favorite color.

The second one is menswear long skirt. It’s the same fabric which is used for men’s pants. This long skirt is good for formal meeting. Vintage Long corduroy skirt is fabulous what to talk about Milan fashion show. You are sure to pull crowd behind you. For this skirt no other materials other than corduroy will give the exact fitting and colour. It’s just the perfect fabric for long sweeping skirt. For the shoe you got to check it out from somewhere else. You have just three basic colors for this skirt, don’t have many choices.

Long Ponte Godet long skirt is yet another long skirt and this one is very sexy nothing can make you sexier than this. This sexy flattering skirt cut is perfect for most body kinds and Ponte fabric is just here to add comfort. Palm heel shoes will go exactly well with this. You can get six colors of this fabric and designs.  You have cashmere long skirt. You will look beautiful if added with luxe. Sorry but its true, these kinds of dress will perfectly go well with tall ladies.

Mirage Womens Long Skirt

Bohemian Long Skirt in Mirage

Georgette Rayon Long Skirt
Amazing selection of mirage georgette with alternating animal print in shaded blue. To make the colors come alive it has hand embroidery in chain stitch and is accentuated with crochet lace. An extremely unique designer long skirt, a one-of-a-kind piece. The material flows dreamily and drapes very well, has elastic waistband for a comfortable fit. 3/4th lined.

  • Length: 37″ (height 5’6″ and over)
  • Waist: 24″-32″ (Elastic Waistband)
  • Material: 100% Georgette Rayon

Ethnic Cotton Skirt Plantation Green

Bohemian Boho Tie Dye Skirt Sequins

Green Skirt Ethnic

As the summers set in the demand for anything cotton, anything easy on the eye and the skin and anything manageable is always on the go. Light and flowy cotton in the form of these skirts is a welcome sight. These are a fascinating variation of a simple long skirt in a variety of bright and summerish colors.

This is a tie dye indian skirt in plantation green with a beautiful eye-catching multicolor tie dye border. It is accented by evenly placed silver round sequins all over the skirt. This skirt has a relaxed fit for carefree movement. This party skirt is extremely light and flowy, it has a very full hemline. The sequins shimmer in sunlight and you will sway and dance with every move.

  • Length:35″ (U-shaped hemline)
  • Waist: 24″-38″(Elastic waistband)
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Care: Dry Clean Only

Plantation Green Ethnic Cotton Skirt