Today, everyone looks for home décor ideas that are unique and outstanding. We want something in our home that defines us as a person and makes us feel more comfortable and cozy with ourselves. Wall décor is not a new invention. People have been decorating their wall for years, but what has actually changed is the way the walls are decorated. The idea is to enhance the look but the style in which it is done is a person’s own choice. So, here are some really cool and bohemian ideas to change the way you look at your plain and simple walls!

  • Flowers from the Garden: What can be more natural and down to earth than having some beautiful flowers in your home – and in this case, on your walls! Yes, instead of buying that regular boring floral wall paper, try some real and colorful flowers that will cheer up your mood instantly. Paste some on the walls of your living room or bed room – they look amazing and definitely show off your free gypsy spirit.

  • Artsy Mirror: Buying mirror? Try to find a distinctive one with a creative frame like this from ladyscorpio101. It has a moon-shaped mirror with an eye and a sun with hanging bells. It looks really hip and you can always find a mirror that suits your taste and style. A variety of them are available in the market as well as online, minimalistic as well as heavily decorated.

  • Colorful Lights: If you love lights, you are going to find a lot of different types in the market. From small and chic fairy lights to big lamps, you can go for any kind you like. You can even search for unique shapes and just decorate your wall with cool bohemian lights. This is a great idea if you host parties and invite friends to your house for drinks and dinner because you never have to worry about decorating every time. This saves a lot of money and time – just switch on the lights and you are ready!

  • Wall Plants: A totally fresh idea is to buy a wall planter and have a beautiful green patch on your wall. Go online and search for a really groovy wall planter system, such as this from and plant some grass or cactus in that. May be you would like to plant some herbs in a similar box and fix it your kitchen! Nothing looks lovely than the natural greenery and of course, in this concrete jungle you are going to love this.

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