Boho décor gives your home a relaxed and a carefree look with a unique freshness of style. Add some bohemian inspired items and decorative pieces to your home and restyle your personal space.

  • Carpet: A colorful carpet work wonders to make a room an exciting and a lively place. Get a boho style rug with geometric or gypsy designs in bold colors for your bedroom or your living room. You can also buy cushions, bed sheets or curtains and add them to your home décor.


  • Plants: Gypsy lifestyle is highly inspired from the nature, as they want to feel more connected to their surroundings. Beautify your home with some indoor greens. Plants filter the air and enhance the productivity. You can start with small succulents and cacti, as they need less maintenance.


  • Furniture: Home décor items and wooden furniture painted in exciting colors give your room a truly boho look. Vintage mirrors, painted wardrobes, antique drawers and bamboo chairs brighten up your home, as well as your day.


  • Wall Hangings: Hippie hangings in different styles and bright colors look perfect on walls. If you are creative and love making artsy things, you can also make a wall hanging yourself. A dream catcher or a mandala looks great. You can also paint a wall in cheerful color, like yellow or green.


  • Lamps: Moroccan lanterns and Persian lampshades can give your room a bohemian look. Go for a metallic or wooden laser cut lamp or one with tinted glass shades. You can also decorate your bedroom with fairy lights.


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