Bohemian Xmas

November is almost here and it is the time everyone all around the world starts preparing for Christmas and New Year celebrations. If you are one of the free-spirited people, why not celebrate this Christmas in a bohemian style? It will be unique and fun in its own way. Decorate your home with a gypsy theme and you can also buy presents for friends and family with a bohemian touch.

  • Décor: Home décor is a simple and easy idea to start with. A pair of cushions, like this from, or a bed cover with gypsy patterns will look great for a warm winter season this Christmas. You can go for traditional designs with a hint of bohemian style.

  • Lights: A celebration is never complete without lights. Buy designer candles, lamps and fairy lights with bohemian artwork, like this from Otherwise, you can get creative and do some gyspy-style lighting by yourself.

  • Christmas Stockings: Christmas season is incomplete without the traditional stockings. But you can give a twist and find yourself cool and colorful gypsy style stockings for the day. You will love this one from, it is colorful, cute and traditional at the same time.

  • Wreath: Although traditional garlands and wreaths are symbolic elements of Christmas, you will love to buy a bohemian feather and dream-catcher wreath from They will be great decoration items even after the Season is over.

  • Christmas Tree: Make your Christmas special and try something unique this season. Go for a Christmas tree that is simple yet different from the regular trees. You can make it on your own or buy a unique one, like this from


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