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Wear a skirt this winter

Every year fashion pandits declare that skirts are back; others are making it simpler and have started agreeing that skirts really never go out of fashion. And now increasingly this so very fiminine of the dresses are becoming the every year wear even for the winters. As long as your lifestyle is not going to expose to harsh winters, even short skirts and shorts are something doable for winters. On the safer side long skirts can surely work if they can keep the legs warm.
colorful winter skirt orange
Look for knit or woolen skirts, or denim. Dark colors work great in winters, in thicker cotton or velvet. Find something that you can wear under the skirt. Armor, stockings or knee-high socks can be easily be worn under a long skirt. Thick woolen stockings can be worn under a three-quarters length long skirt. You can take a look in the pantyhose section of your local department store to find thick knitted stockings. However, beige stockings may work best, as they look good under almost everything. Making layers out of your undergarments can protect you against the chilling weather. Invisible pantyhose, with layer knee-high socks over it, can be worn when you are feeling very cold. This will help you keep warm when you step out. In case you are wearing a short skirt or a tunic dress, a pair of skinny jeans or tights can be worn under it, and sometimes even sweat pants of three quarters length.
winter long skirt
For your feet, you may be tempted to wear knee high boots; However, if it’s not icy cold, you can wear flats as well. Stilettos and big heels are to be avoided in the winter season. Safety factor should be considered while choosing boots with long skirts, as there is always a chance to trip down with the wrong boots.
Choice of top can be critical. A long sleeved shirt will look nice and it can be teamed with a matching jacket or blazer. More feminine crochet jackets could work great this winter!
Add not to forget accessories like scarves, long beeded necklaces and boots, if you will!

What is in for fall 2010 Bohemian

In the Fall Ready to Wear show early this year in New York, the full-time traveler was on Charlotte Ronson’s mind for Fall, but not the business-class type. Hers was a peripatetic seventies gypsy, too busy seeing the world to get caught up in the Studio 54 thing. The overall mood was of fluid, thrown-together sexiness.fall 2010 ready-to-wear-Charlotte Ronson-Runway-Azul Caletti
Vagabond wear included long pleated skirts in raspberry, rust, and floral prints; they looked great with belted tunics and hammered-silk tanks. An army green utility cape and a gray cocoon jacket added a dose of functionalism, while a sheer black lace blouse was pure form. We could have done without the shiny harem pants that joined the caravan, but—playful turbans and all—it was an eclectic mix that worked (pics –
Autumn 2010 ready-to-wear Charlotte Ronson-Runway-Jacquelyn Jablonski
From Arcadia AW10 looks like maxis are insanely good this year. All the Arcadia brands had winter maxis and you could be wearing yours this autumn as well. They look the best with jackets rather than coats.
winter autumn-2010-maxis
Winter-autumn 2010 Maxis with floral or block prints
The Kenzo collection for the Fall Autumn 2010 season was present at the Paris Fashion Week where the world-wide clothing brand showed the bohemian and romantic spirit of the 1970s. Definitely, this is a very good and beautiful collection for the upcoming colder months. Kenso proposes us to wear a look that combines hippie fashion with the use of masculine pieces. The very same designer has mentioned that, for women, it is very important the freedom to choose how they want to wear their clothes. Even, the possibility of choosing and wearing men’s pieces is a wonderful thing. On the catwalks, we were able to see vests and sweaters with flower prints  or animal prints, with the purpose of adding a different small touch.
Kenzo collection Fall 2010 season paris
Kenzo collection Fall 2010 Season Paris - Bohemian Skirts