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The Bottom of Being Bohemian

Boho-chic is a fashion style that became relatively popular thanks to actress
Sienna Miller, model Kate Moss, and actress/businesswoman Mary-Kate Olsen
(not a fashion that was shared with her twin). This fashion style is a mixture of
hippie and bohemian and while these three made it super popular in 2005, and
the term ‘boho-chic’ was born, it has actually been around (with on-and- off
popularity) since the 1799. It is likely never going to disappear (and who really
wants it to?) so here are some weird facts about the boho-chic!


“BoHo” is an abbreviation of Bohemian Homeless—sounds depressing. It’s actually a self-describing word of the actual original creators of the bohemian style which were homeless gypsies of 1799 France. Not surprisingly, Bohemian skirts are sometimes referred to as gypsy skirts. In fact, Bohemian actually
translates to gypsy in French.

“Chic” is another word taken from France that was established as an English
word in the 1870s. It means elegant.

So if we put this all together ‘boho-chic’ technically translates to elegant
bohemian homeless.

That’s right! Boho-chic Goth was a thing that began popping up around midsummer of 2006. It was infusing the boho-chic look with a heavy metal attitude of biker boots, studded leather jackets, and of course skulls. There is something vampire-like about the bohemian skirt, and nothing says Goth like something that is long and flowing. The mixture of lace and leather is obviously a good pairing. Popular rock singer Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine is known to exhibit
this style.

Sherlock Holmes
One of the first times Dr. Watson ever describes the detective Sherlock Holmes in “A Scandal in Bohemia” he does so by saying “Holmes, who loathed every form of society with his whole Bohemian soul, remained in our lodgings in Baker Street, buried among his old books, and alternating from week to week between cocaine and ambition.” While the cocaine is something to be frowned upon, the fact that writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle decided to describe Holmes, as having a ‘bohemian soul’ in his first ever short story with the detective in 1891 is interesting.

Thinking back to roots of where bohemian style came from—from the gypsies
and the outcasts—it shouldn’t be surprising that many of the people who take up
the fashion style are non-conformists. (Yes, technically conforming to fashion style is conforming but every person fits into some box.) Bohemian stylists are often the people who are found in anti-establishment action (hello hippies!) and
into individualism. They also have a love for art be it visual, literature, or

Men’s Boho
Bohemian fashion is most commonly associated with women because generally
people think of the long, flowing, insanely comfortable but fashion-friendly
skirts. If Holmes can be seen as a bohemian soul that means it can also be a male
fashion thing as well. (Boho-dude should be a made into a fashion name.) For
men the fashion takes on a lot of distressed jeans, lots of laying of clothes, and
scarves. In fact, major hot hunk of a man Johnny Depp is a boho-dude.

It was never meant to be a fashion style
Unlike most fashion trends like platform boots, short-shorts, or JNCO Jeans the boho-chic or bohemian style was never meant to be a style. It was made popular by people who honestly did not care if their clothes were trendy or not. Gypsies did not care what people thought of how they dressed which is one of the reasons they were considered to be sexy. Even thinking about when it became popular in 1967 with the rise of the hippie it wasn’t because it was really a fashion statement. Flowing skirts were just a reflection of a “free-flowing” sort of attitude.

You Might be a Boho-Chic . . .

Finding a fashion style can sometimes be daunting because honestly no one really wants to be put into a box. At one point I was a Goth Chick, and I wanted to be Gothic because I was so different no one could put me into a box. No one could understand me. Obviously, these were Emo-Angsty Teenage years that I have mostly outgrown.

I digress . . . Deciding a fashion style is not a bad thing because now you can define yourself. Clothes do say a lot about who you are as a person because it is a presentation of us. That said, I’m here to tell you reasons why you might be a boho-chic . . .

1. You might be a boho-chic if you have never actually defined your fashion sense because of your carefree attitude towards your style.

2. You might be a boho-chic if styling your hair takes ten minutes of your time.

3. You might be a boho-chic if the amount of bohemian, maxi or gypsy skirts in your closet is equal if not greater than the amount of jeans.

4. You might be a boho-chic if Mary Kate Olsen is your favorite of the twins.

5. You might be a boho-chic if flower print is your favorite kind of print.

6. You might be a boho-chic if your purse is actually a patchwork shoulder bag.

7. You might be a boho-chic if your dress up shoes is sandals not high heels.

8. You might be a boho-chic if there is a tunic shirt or five in your closet.

9. You might be a boho-chic if a scarf, a shawl, or both are in your closet in different colors to go with different days.

10. You might be a boho-chic if sequin-skirts are dress up time.

11. You might be a boho-chic if Johnny Depp is your celeb male crush because he has the best style.

12. You might be a boho-chic if your jewelry is shell, bone, or beaded.

13. You might be a boho-chic if your friends have ever accused you of dressing like a hippie.

14. You might be a boho-chic if yoga is a daily part of your routine.

15. You might be a boho-chic if your flip-flops are described as being gypsy.

16. You might be a boho-chic if your dresses are patchwork.

17. You might be a boho-chic if the stores you like to shop at do not carry the staple “little black dress.”

18. You might be a boho-chic if your clothes are perfect to twirl in.

19. You might be a boho-chic if your skirts come in silk, cotton, wrap-around, and almost every fabric imaginable.

20. You might be a boho-chic if friends have ever compared you to Sienna Miller or Kate Moss.

21. You might be a boho-chic if your skirts come in one size because they are adjustable.

22. You might be a boho-chic if the wind always makes you feel free pretty because it gives a little tug at your clothes.

24. You might be a boho-chic if you’ve ever worn something with coins sewn onto it.

25. You might be a boho-chic if someone has ever commented on the way you dressed as exotic, but honestly, you were just going for comfort.

If more than half of these apply to you then it might be safe to put yourself into that fashion box. If they don’t, it might be time to go shopping!