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Bohemian Lifestyle and Fashion


‘Bohemian’ – This word was firstly used in the English language in the 19th century to describe the non-traditional lifestyles of some artists, writers, journalists, musicians, and actors in major European cities. However, the term ‘Bohemianism’ emerged in France in the early 19th century when artists and creators began to concentrate in the lower-rent, lower class, Romani neighborhoods (The Romani, colloquially known as Roma, are an Indo-Aryan ethnic group, originating from the northern Indian subcontinent – from the Rajasthan, Haryana, and Punjab regions of modern-day India).

Some Roma-Czech People

‘Bohemian’ was a common term for the Romani people of France, who were mistakenly thought to have reached France in the 15th century via Bohemia (the western part of modern Czech Republic). The Bohemians were travelers or refugees from central Europe (hence, the French Bohémien, for ‘Gypsy’). Nowadays, the term has become associated with various artistic or academic communities and is used as a generalized adjective describing such people.


The Bohemian Lifestyle is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle with few permanent ties. It involves musical, artistic, literary or spiritual pursuits. In this context, Bohemians may or may not be wanderers, adventurers, or vagabonds. Bohemians are often associated with anti-establishment political or social viewpoints. A Bohemian Lifestyle is usually expressed through free love, frugality, and simple living; and in some cases, a voluntary poverty.

It’s a well-known fact that bohemian lifestyle was a fashion trend of the 70s but from the last many years, this fashion trend has beautifully made its place in our lifestyles even today. The main reason could be the use of different materials and the clothing that speaks for your soul. The crocheted work and the laces are the main components of the bohemian style designs. The delicate colors of bohemian dressing and eye-catching effects increase the attraction. The boho look (BoHo is an abbreviation of Bohemian Homeless, self descriptive of the style.), which owed much to the hippie styles that developed in the middle to late 1960s, became especially popular after Sienna Miller‘s appearance at the Glastonbury Festival in 2004.


Unlike most fashion trends, the bohemian style was never meant to be a style. It was made popular by people who honestly did not care if their clothes were trendy or not. Gypsies did not care what people thought of how they dressed which is one of the reasons they were considered to be sexy and free. Even thinking about when it became popular in 1967 with the rise of the hippie, it wasn’t because it was really a fashion statement. Flowing skirts were just a reflection of a ‘free-flowing’ sort of attitude.

Johnny Depp

Bohemian fashion is most commonly associated with women because generally people think of the long, flowing, insanely comfortable but fashion-friendly skirts. If Holmes can be seen as a bohemian soul that means it can also be a male fashion thing as well. For men, the fashion takes on a lot of distressed jeans, lots of laying of clothes, and
scarves. In fact, major hot hunk of a man Johnny Depp is a boho-dude. With its growing popularity, it does not seem like that the bohemian fashion is going anywhere close to going out of style.


Are you interested in knowing about different people and their cultures from around the world? Do you always look forward to celebrations and festivals? If you love traditional fests and want to know about them, why not visit a new place to explore and learn for the experience!

  • Inti Raymi – A religious festival of the South American Inca Empire, this is an important day for Inca people and is celebrated in countries like Peru and Ecuador. It is a festival of the sun and native people dress in their traditional colorful costumes and celebrate this day with performing folk dances.

  • MassKara – A festival of smiling masks, it is celebrated in Philippines. People wear masks and dress themselves in colorful attire. They dance and perform for a dancing competition on the local streets. Various music and sports events are also held during this festival.

  • Holi: A festival of colors, Holi is celebrated in India for centuries and has a historical story attached to it. People celebrate this auspicious festival with colors and Hindu prayers. This festival is similar to La Tomatina festival of Spain, instead of tomatoes, people play with colors. This festival is so popular that now, it is celebrated in other countries as well.

Bohemian Xmas

November is almost here and it is the time everyone all around the world starts preparing for Christmas and New Year celebrations. If you are one of the free-spirited people, why not celebrate this Christmas in a bohemian style? It will be unique and fun in its own way. Decorate your home with a gypsy theme and you can also buy presents for friends and family with a bohemian touch.

  • Décor: Home décor is a simple and easy idea to start with. A pair of cushions, like this from, or a bed cover with gypsy patterns will look great for a warm winter season this Christmas. You can go for traditional designs with a hint of bohemian style.

  • Lights: A celebration is never complete without lights. Buy designer candles, lamps and fairy lights with bohemian artwork, like this from Otherwise, you can get creative and do some gyspy-style lighting by yourself.

  • Christmas Stockings: Christmas season is incomplete without the traditional stockings. But you can give a twist and find yourself cool and colorful gypsy style stockings for the day. You will love this one from, it is colorful, cute and traditional at the same time.

  • Wreath: Although traditional garlands and wreaths are symbolic elements of Christmas, you will love to buy a bohemian feather and dream-catcher wreath from They will be great decoration items even after the Season is over.

  • Christmas Tree: Make your Christmas special and try something unique this season. Go for a Christmas tree that is simple yet different from the regular trees. You can make it on your own or buy a unique one, like this from



Are you planning to visit the beaches of Ibiza or wander the streets of Italy? Do you love bohemian fashion and want to travel in style without carrying a lot of luggage? If yes, then here are some great tips to plan a smooth travel.

  • Clothes: Pick light-weight clothes, like full length wrap skirts, shorts and gaucho pants. They look really cool and are extremely comfortable but buy one with a hint of gypsy style – embroidery, tie-dye or patch work. Cotton and linen make a great choice of fabrics, as you can wear them in every season.
  • Accessories: You can carry a different variety of accessories to match and pair with every dress. From chunky and colorful to chic and metallic, jewelry can make any simple outfit look beautiful. You can wear accessories casually as well as while going to parties. Also, carry a hat and sunglasses – you will always need them.
  • Shoes: You can leave the heels at home for a while. Always carry sandals and shoes with a flat sole because you would definitely want to be comfortable at all times while going to different places and having fun.
  • Bag: Never forget to carry a side bag with a comfortable broad strap. You will be collecting souvenirs, buying gifts for friends back home and picking up unique stuff from the local market. Plus, a fanny pack is a great way to keep your money and passport secure.
  • Diary: We all carry our phones and cameras to click lots of photographs and save memories but it is really cool if you also carry a diary along with you. Because if you do not get a chance to click a picture or remember something incredible, the diary will be there with you. Forever!


The festive season is approaching and everyone is busy shopping and decorating. Going on a party, getting ready for a friend’s upcoming birthday or inviting family to a dinner night – we think of gifting ideas after the preparation is done, we often get confused and end up asking someone for suggestions. After all the brainstorming, we either think of gifting a watch or a book. Are you someone who loves bohemian style and if yes, here are some great gift ideas for you. No matter whom you are giving gift, they are surely going to love this.

  • Lights: This might sound unusual but a Fringe Pendent Light like this one from will definitely make your friend’s home look more beautiful. It is useful, unique and something that everyone will love to have in their room. A creatively designed hanging light is a purposeful décor item with a hippie look.


  • Miniature Plants: Ever thought of gifting miniature plants to someone? These look really cute and will make anyone’s day happier and cheer up their mood. Go for a miniature plant or bonsai, like this one from and brighten up the day of the person you are giving this innovative gift.

  • Vase: A glass or a porcelain vase, with traditional designs inspired from Persia, look amazing. A great piece of decorative item that everyone likes to keep in their house, a flower vase makes a perfect gift for anyone and everyone, from friends to family to colleagues. Buy beautiful flowers like orchids or lilies, or indoor decorative plants for the vase.

  • Diary: Does your friend like to write? Are you thinking of gifting a diary to your classmate? Then give a personalized one and make a boho-chic diary cover with elements that will remind your friend of all the times you spent together. Pick a cool color and go for denim, suede or leather with a touch of gypsy style like this one from Cesart64. You can add a memorable photograph in the diary with a sweet note.

  • Key Ring: Do you have a little sibling or a younger friend? Or are you looking for an inexpensive gift? A cute hanging or a key ring in colorful and gypsy styles will make anyone instantly happy. Buy one in a unique boho-inspired shape like an elephant or an owl with boho elements like tassels, pom-poms and dream catcher.


Get ready to set a whole new street fashion trend with the beautiful Mexican Embroidery. It is quite distinctive from other styles of embroidery and it is driven from the lifestyle of native Mexicans. This hand embroidery has various kinds of motifs and patterns but most of these are inspired from nature. Birds, flowers and animals form a part of the Mexican embroidery. Colorful threads – red, yellow, blue, orange and green – are used and the hand work is usually done on a white fabric. Earlier, the neckline and the border of the sleeves were embroidered but these days, you will find different styles in the market. You can go for a Mexican-style skirt, a dress or even a cool bandana or a waist belt! These skirts and skirt-pants are from Batik Amarillis and they have a beautiful collection of tops and dresses as well.

The Mexican-style embroidery looks very unique and is a perfect choice to make for the summer season, especially for days out with friends and family. Pick something that you can wear on a picnic or a special occasion and while dressing, keep your attire as simple as you can because this embroidery is enough is to catch everyone’s attention. Wear minimal jewelry and if possible, choose a chic metallic necklace or classy earrings. Mexican embroidered dresses look very decent and may be you will love to wear one to your office someday!

Even though Mexican-styled clothing is also a kind of gypsy fashion, but if you still want to incorporate a punch of bohemian style, start with tassel gladiator sandals or a pom-pom sling bag that goes with what you wear. Otherwise, you can try funky hippie earrings and bright colored bangles. Finally, if you want to go loud and stand out, simply buy an embroidered or tie-dyed top or skirt from The Little Bazaar, mix and match it with your Mexican embroidered clothing and there you go, rock your own style!



Today, everyone looks for home décor ideas that are unique and outstanding. We want something in our home that defines us as a person and makes us feel more comfortable and cozy with ourselves. Wall décor is not a new invention. People have been decorating their wall for years, but what has actually changed is the way the walls are decorated. The idea is to enhance the look but the style in which it is done is a person’s own choice. So, here are some really cool and bohemian ideas to change the way you look at your plain and simple walls!

  • Flowers from the Garden: What can be more natural and down to earth than having some beautiful flowers in your home – and in this case, on your walls! Yes, instead of buying that regular boring floral wall paper, try some real and colorful flowers that will cheer up your mood instantly. Paste some on the walls of your living room or bed room – they look amazing and definitely show off your free gypsy spirit.

  • Artsy Mirror: Buying mirror? Try to find a distinctive one with a creative frame like this from ladyscorpio101. It has a moon-shaped mirror with an eye and a sun with hanging bells. It looks really hip and you can always find a mirror that suits your taste and style. A variety of them are available in the market as well as online, minimalistic as well as heavily decorated.

  • Colorful Lights: If you love lights, you are going to find a lot of different types in the market. From small and chic fairy lights to big lamps, you can go for any kind you like. You can even search for unique shapes and just decorate your wall with cool bohemian lights. This is a great idea if you host parties and invite friends to your house for drinks and dinner because you never have to worry about decorating every time. This saves a lot of money and time – just switch on the lights and you are ready!

  • Wall Plants: A totally fresh idea is to buy a wall planter and have a beautiful green patch on your wall. Go online and search for a really groovy wall planter system, such as this from and plant some grass or cactus in that. May be you would like to plant some herbs in a similar box and fix it your kitchen! Nothing looks lovely than the natural greenery and of course, in this concrete jungle you are going to love this.


Ever thought of a boho-themed wedding? Well, it is a cool idea to wear a hip colorful wedding dress, add feathers and dream catchers to your boho-wedding décor, and have a unique experience but it may seem weird to some of your guests. So, let’s take a look at how you can be a boho bride in an elegant manner.

  • Décor: If you want to go for the gypsy-style, then an open air wedding is perfect. Keep the decorations simple and add a touch of bohemian-styled feathers, shells and mandalas.

  • Drinks: Put a small and fragrant flower in each glass of cocktail or champagne that will be served to the guests. A lavender or some rose petals or even herbs work fine – they look beautiful and also add some flavor to the drink.

  • Accessories: Wear a bracelet or an anklet make of real flowers. It looks pretty and is a chic choice to get a bohemian look. Otherwise, keep your accessories simple and minimal but if you still want, wear a small necklace.

  • Dress: Finally, the wedding gown of the bride is something that steals the show. There is a wide variety of gypsy wedding dresses that you can choose from but it is better not to go for heavily embellished and colorful dresses. Choose wisely and buy something that you can wear sometime later as well like this dress from Anna Campbell.





In a world full of people obsessed with everything minimal, you can make a bold street fashion statement with maximal gypsy style. Get flared dresses with hanging tassels and pom-poms, big earrings, chunky bracelets, beaded neck pieces, embellished sunglasses, large-sized finger rings, vibrant heels, embroidered handbags, and everything colorful that you can think of – the list is endless. And don’t forget to put on your red lipstick to stand out in the crowd! Funky and vivid colors can brighten up your regular day and cheer up your mood in an instant. Chic head gears and uber cool body chains are also becoming popular. Buy yourself a lot of hair accessories – feather hair extensions and dreadlocks decorated with shells, coins and tribal beads look perfect to rock a bohemian hair style. Moreover, a colorful attire is something you can carry in every season and on every occasion without any hesitation because bold eye-catching fashion never goes out of style. Get inspired from these fashion photographs and be a maximal hippie fashionista.



Organizing a closet is one of the difficult tasks to do, especially if you have shifted to a new house or if you are thinking of giving your bedroom a brand new look. De-clutter your wardrobe, get rid of all the unwanted items and reorganize it in a chic bohemian way with these cool tips.

  • Macramé Portal: A portal or a hanging for covering open closets is a hip gypsy idea that you can use without spending a lot of money. This curtain-like hanging partially hides your closet and gives it a true bohemian feel. Plus, you don’t need to worry about the maintenance of furniture. You can also make a macramé hanging by yourself if you are a do-it-yourselfer. Apart from covering your wardrobe, you can use a hanging to frame your doors and windows as it lets the sunshine and fresh air in.

  • Jewelry Organizer: Natural wooden frame for hanging jewelry is an ultimate hippie-style method to display all of the items. Earrings, bangles, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, finger rings, armbands, body chains – you can hang anything and everything on it. A jewelry organizer is a must have if you love boho fashion and you wear a lot of jewelry. You can choose from a wide variety of frames and hang it in your bedroom or your dressing room. It looks like a beautiful decorative item with some colorful jewelry on it.

  • Hanging Shoe Rack: If you are always struggling to put your shoes in the right place but end up placing them under your bed, or if you are fed up finding the right pair when you are in hurry, then a shoe rack organizer is for you. A hanging shoe organizer consumes less space compared to the traditional rack and it allows you to pick up the perfect pair matching your outfit.



  • Beaded Necklace: Big beaded neck pieces in African gypsy style, like this from toubabparis, look amazing for a festive occasion. Bright and colorful beads are perfect to stylize any simple and dull looking dress.

  • Headdress: Vibrant and funky head jewelry and backdrop necklaces, like this one from RasaVil Jewelry, are great to catch everyone’s attention. This trend is going to rock this season and it is a must try, especially if you are going for a music fest.

  • Body Chains: This is a forever young trend for the hippie fashion followers. Armbands, leg chains and bikini chains look hip, groovy and sexy when worn with a short bohemian dress. For a beach party, body chains are an uber cool choice.


  • Fingernail Rings: Get yourself a nail ring to make a fresh fashion statement. A unique ring shaped like a nail that you can wear for a boho festival – studded, metallic or embellished – there is an option to meet everyone’s taste and style.

  • Wrist Cuffs: Embellished wrist cuffs and wrist bands are especially for the boho chic girls. Apart from parties and festive events, you can carry these on traditional occasions as well.



If you think scarves are old fashioned, think again because here’s a brand new way to tie your scarf and you are definitely going to love this new trend. Here are the latest tips on how to tie a silk scarf and make a fashion statement.

  • Neck: Try some different knotting styles and wrap a long scraf around your neck like a choker necklace. You can make the knot in the front, on the side or may be the back! Wear a shirt, an off shoulder-top or a crop top but avoid wearing any jewelry. If you have to, keep it minimal and wear simple earrings or bracelet.


  • Wrist: Tie it around your wrist like an accessory and look fashionable. Make your scarf the new bracelet and let it steal the look. Keep your overall look simple and classy. You can carry this new fashion to your office as well. Wear a sleek dress or pair a shirt with a pencil skirt, and tie a beautiful silk scarf around your wrist. Pick a bright color for a street look.


  • Hair: Use your scarf as a hair accessory and tie up your hair for a chic vintage look. You can try it with different hairstyles and knot up your scarf around a ponytail, a bun or a braid. Tie your hair loosely and wrap a scarf to get a sensual look.


  • Handbag: Wrap a soft scarf around your leather handbag and carry it to your office for a formal fashion. If you wear a shirt to your workplace, you can try matching colors or prints of your shirt with the scarf. For a street style, wrap a colorful bandana and grab people’s attention.


  • Jeans: This trend is not totally new and is inspired from the earlier hippie fashion. Tie a scarf around the loop of your jeans or trousers for a street style and wear it with shorts for a beach look.


  • Ankle: Wrap a scarf around your ankle and walk in style. Wear only flats, flip-flops or mules according to the occasion but do not wear heels. This fashion looks good with jeans or shorts. If you want to wear a skirt, go for a mini skirt.


  • Top: Add a fresh piece to your wardrobe for the summer season and wear a large-sized silk scarf like a bandeau top. Knot it up on the front or the back, as you like and wear simple accessories. This is also a cool option to wear while going to beach.


So, why wait? Rock this uber cool scarf style right now!


Boho décor gives your home a relaxed and a carefree look with a unique freshness of style. Add some bohemian inspired items and decorative pieces to your home and restyle your personal space.

  • Carpet: A colorful carpet work wonders to make a room an exciting and a lively place. Get a boho style rug with geometric or gypsy designs in bold colors for your bedroom or your living room. You can also buy cushions, bed sheets or curtains and add them to your home décor.


  • Plants: Gypsy lifestyle is highly inspired from the nature, as they want to feel more connected to their surroundings. Beautify your home with some indoor greens. Plants filter the air and enhance the productivity. You can start with small succulents and cacti, as they need less maintenance.


  • Furniture: Home décor items and wooden furniture painted in exciting colors give your room a truly boho look. Vintage mirrors, painted wardrobes, antique drawers and bamboo chairs brighten up your home, as well as your day.


  • Wall Hangings: Hippie hangings in different styles and bright colors look perfect on walls. If you are creative and love making artsy things, you can also make a wall hanging yourself. A dream catcher or a mandala looks great. You can also paint a wall in cheerful color, like yellow or green.


  • Lamps: Moroccan lanterns and Persian lampshades can give your room a bohemian look. Go for a metallic or wooden laser cut lamp or one with tinted glass shades. You can also decorate your bedroom with fairy lights.



Fashion trends change every season and each time the weather changes, you have to renew your wardrobe collection. Everyone likes wearing new clothes in a new season but keeping the style quotient high sometimes becomes confusing when you have to reorganize your wardrobe as the climate changes. So, here are some all-weather fashion tips that you must keep in mind to get a hassle-free chic look, even when you are in a hurry to dress up.

  1. Add long skirts to the wardrobe: A long and fully flared skirt is an everlasting fashion style, and you will never get bored of wearing one. Traditional and ethnic style skirts are the perfect choice, as you can wear them casually as well as occasionally. Delicate colors, block prints, sequins, intricate hand embroidery and tassels work best for all seasons.
  2. Pick a pop of color: Get a few pieces of clothing in bright and vivid colors, like pink, red and yellow. Vibrant colors help you stand out in the crowd and grab everyone’s attention. Initially, you can try with small items, such as scarves or socks. You can even go for colorful jewelry to look trendy instantly, even when your whole outfit is in dull shades.
  3. Choose the footwear wisely: Pick a comfortable pair of shoes that you can put on easily. Shoes are a great choice and you can wear them in hot weather, on windy days, and even in a slightly cooler season. Make sure to buy a waterproof pair for the rainy season. Having a pair of flats is also very essential because you do not want to wear heels on a bad weather day.
  4. Get a classy umbrella: Invest in an umbrella that is chic and light-weight because you need them in all the seasons. Neutral and pastel tones work perfect for a sophisticated and an elegant look. However, colorful and printed umbrellas can help you make a style statement as it is also a stylish accessory that you can carry around in the street.
  5. A silk scarf: Silk scarf is one of the best fashion items you can have in your wardrobe. You can carry a scarf with you every time you step outside the house. There are a lot of ways in which you can tie your scarf. Wear it casually around your neck or cover your head while going to a religious place.
  6. The perfect fabric: Try to buy cotton based clothes. You can wear cotton in summers because it is light and airy, and in humid weather because it breathable due to its fine weave. Moreover, cotton is also good for winter season and you can go for layering. Blended fabric is another choice, as they wrinkle far less than natural fibers.

4 ways to style your skirt

A comfortable maxi skirt in bold colors and ethnic bohemian prints is essential to look cool in the hot season. The spring summer skirts can make you look totally unique if you perfectly match the tops, textures and colors. Apart from the regular tank top, here are some different ways you can pair your skirt with to complete that chic hippie outfit. In fact, you will feel connected to your surroundings and super comfortable in your skin.

  • Pair it with a Crop Top: Crop top is a perfect way to flaunt your mid-riff. You can choose from a variety of crop tops – sleeveless, with sleeves, knotted or off-shoulder. Wear a plain crop top with a printed maxi skirt or vice-versa. You can go for similar colored tops for a matching outfit or you can even try color blocking and go bold. Accessorize your look with metallic jewelry pieces.


  • Wear a Jacket: Jacket is an easy way to look boho chic and classy at the same time. Pick a well-fitted short denim jacket for a slightly cooler weather. If you want to wear your boho skirt in winters, go for a short leather jacket or a long warm overcoat and smart top. Keep your rest of the look simple and wear small earrings, rings or bracelets and let your jacket steal the look.


  • Style it with a Sheer Top: Sheer tops look sexy and it is a great idea to show off your beautiful lingerie in summers. Wear soft colors for a beach vacation and dark shades for a street style. The combination of lace and sheerness add sensuality and give you a feminine look. You do not need accessories; the top is enough to grab attention.


  • Wear a Shirt: Style a classic shirt with a long skirt for a formal look. Wear minimal accessories, pencil heel and carry an office bag. For a street style, mix and match your outfit; go for bold colors and big prints. Wear chunky colorful necklace and are ready to make a style statement!

Now, if you wanted to check out more of these maxi skirts and ethnic bohemian skirts, you can at


You carry that perfect bohemian gypsy look with your boldly colored maxi wrap skirt and hippie jewelry. But are you a true bo­hemian and have a boho soul? Let’s find out!

You are free-spirited. What does it actually mean? Well, it means that you live in your own way and you have your individual lifestyle. You never try to imitate or copy someone’s style, you just take inspitation from whatever comes in your way. You highly believe in yourself and are always self-confident, no mater what. You are bold enough to say what is right and you always take a stand for yourself. You are not affected by the society’s rules and people’s weird stares don’t bother you. You don’t follow anyone but instead, you are a follower of your own instincts. You are a trend-setter in your own unique way!

You are creative or at least try to be! You like fusing ideas and think of innovate ways of doing the simplest things that makes you different from others. You know how to laugh at yourself and you never offend anyone. You love art and of course, a lot of colors! You have a creative mind and you like painting, dancing, writing, or maybe cooking. You love going to unkown places and know about various cultures and traditions of different people, and get motivated by their lifestyle.

You love gaining new skills. You are always doing something new and you never let yourself waste even a single precious moment of your life. You don’t let your work or your job overpower you because you know the YOLO (you live only once) con­cept very well and you always take out time to travel, have fun, learn a new language or how to play a guitar! You are always ready to take on challenges and go for an adventure. You love to connect your mind and soul with the nature. The smallest things make up for your biggest memories.

You love yourself before anyone else. It doesn’t mean that you are selfish but you invest time in yourself and are independent. You don’t mind being alone and spending time all by youself. You appreciate your own company but at the same time, you also love meeting new people from different places and making them friends. You never hurt anyone’s feelings and possess a positive attitude, even in your bad times. You care about knowing the world around you. You always live in the present moment and try to make it perfect and memorable.

Being a boho at heart means that you always do what makes you happy you feel comfortable in your own skin!


Ever thought of trying something new, chic and crazy? If you love the bohemian gypsy look yet want to carry your style with elegance, here is a new trend that you can go for – the French-Bohemian trend! The two things that must be kept in mind while wearing this fashion trend are: the bohemian attire has a flowy look with bold patterns and colorful designs; while the French clothing is all about pastel shades and modern dressing style with a delicate touch. And when you combine these two totally opposite styles, you will definitely make a statement!

  • The Lace Finesse: Wear a hip skirt with fullness, but choose light and pastel colors with come lace work done on it.
  • Blush Crush: To accessorize, choose soft shades to look sophisticated. At the same time, go for beaded, embroidered and/or embellished handbags, purses and jewelry pieces.

  • The Elan Dress: Pick neutral and light colored dresses with handwork or minimal gypsy prints.

  • Bold Urbanity: If you want to wear a dark colored piece, keep the rest simple. You can buy a tie-dyed top or a block print maxi skirt.

  • The Panache Pants: Sport a stylishly graceful look with traditional prints, such as palazzo pants with Persian design imprinted on it.

Be in vogue with the ‘French x Hippie’ street style!


Recently, we saw some retro gypsy looks coming back into trend this year with stunning patchworks, eye-catching appliqués, colorful embroideries and of course, the eighties-style bell bottom pants. From Gucci to Zara, every brand had some multicolored floral pattern in their collection, including accessories and footwear. And how can we forget jumpsuits – a rage all over the world! No doubt, a lot of flowers, birds and almost every natural motif possible were used in this year’s fashion trend. Pure cotton was used by almost every designer and thereafter, every brand.


The romantic look of the flowy lace tops were carried by almost every girl, showing off the most feminine side of their inner spirit, with soft pastel shades being the most popular. Sheer fabrics were a hit this season, making every girl going bold and still feel like a princess. To add to this uniqueness, sequins and pearls were used widely. From simple, casual looks to sophisticated, intricate works – there was something fresh for everyone to experiment with.


The inspiration –


But what about next year? Aren’t you excited to know about the future fashion trends, so  that you can grab your shopping bag and run for the latest trends as soon as the new year arrives? Here are some some of the fashion forecast styles of 2019 to look for:

1.The tie and dye print tops:


2.The hippie look with big florals and bold patterns:


          3.Colorful jewelry with big chunky pieces:                         


4.Tie and Dye Scarfs:



5.Flowery Maxi Dresses and Skirts:



Don’t waste time – just shop for the upcoming hippie outfits and surprise your friends by wearing a cool attire before the trend hits the market. Be ahead of everyone else with



Have you ever tried to look hip and cool but failed to do so because you were not confident enough to carry the new style and were afraid if your friends will make fun of you? Do you want to change your boring routine style and surprise everyone with your totally groovy attire? Is there a thought in your mind to try a gypsy look but you do not have enough ideas about how you should start in a right way? Or you have some ideas but you still want to look elegant? If yes, then you are at the right place! Here are some tips for you to get that boho look without going overboard.


  • Start Small: As this is your first time, you do not want anyone to stare at you weirdly and make you uncomfortable. Start with small things, like a handbag or some jewelry. This will give you some boost and once you get comfortable with these funky little things, then you can move on!



  • Playful Footwear: This is a cool way to show off your free gypsy spirit. A multicolored embroidered pair of flats with a simple outfit will steal the look. Moreover, cool girly anklets are a rage these days. You can have these in metallic or colorful beaded ones.



  • Cool Piercings: It might be a bit painful but is definitely worth it. Nose-piercings are trending these days and may be you can try it too. You can also go for a navel piercing if you can stand the pain. With a lot of different styles and designs coming into the market, this one tiny thing looks perfect on every girl.



  • Funky Sunglasses: Everyone wears sunglasses. Why not try something that makes you look a bit boho-chic yet not scary! Try different frames and large-sized glasses and get ready for going out in the sun. For a bohemian style, you can choose aviators but simple round glasses are perfect. They are easily available and are a great start for your boho journey!



  • Ink on Skin: Tattoos are cool and hip. But choose something which is special to you and above all, is a fun boho tattoo. If you are creative, you can also have some of your own designs. If not, here are a few designs that you can have inked upon your body.



  • Boho Hair: Try braiding your hair into different styles and also, buy some hair accessories and gypsy head gear. A cool band with bohemian prints on it will keep your hair in place and will add to your new style. If everything else fails, simply go for the feathers!



  • Trendy Jackets: Keep you dressing style simple amd still be fashionable with colorful hippie jackets. Just throw one over your shoulders and look like you have have come fresh out of your wardrobe with chic fun style jackets in various materials.



  • Maxi Skirts: Finally, one thing that will truly make you look bohemian is a cheery long skirt. You can not complete your attire with this piece of clothing. No matter what you choose, a long skirt will never fail to get compliments for you. Try it once and it is going to make everyone’s heads turn!



So, what are you waiting for? Grab your shopping bag and get creative! Find your own inner bohemian hippie style and give a pleasant surprise to yourself and everyone else with some cool innovative fashion outfits.

A History of the Boho Style

There are few things as romantic as the French, war, and the arts. These three things combined together create one of the most free-flowing fashion trends that have begun to resurface in popularity—the Bohemian style. A bohemian is “a person, as an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices.” Not surprisingly these people were sometimes referred to as gypsies and began appearing in 1799 in France after the end of the French Revolution. The war caused many artists to fall into poverty, and take up living a nomadic lifestyle. The style which many people cherish today as comfortable and colorful was considered to be unfashionable in the time of its birth. It was not until Romanticism began to peek in Europe in the 1850s that the Boho style began to get any praise, and the artists began to be cherished for their free living culture.

One of the first most popular bohemian artists was Danta Rossetti who was a painter and a poet in the 19 th century. In 1859 he did an oil painting titled Bocca Baciata, which is considered to be an ideal representation of a boho woman of that time. In 1881 the rational dress reform begins, and clothing that is practical along with comfortable begins to take root in Victorian fashion trends. The bloomer suit is born in 1881. In 1896 Giacomo Puccini creates a popular opera titled “La Boheme” that shows young bohemians living in the Latin Quarter of Paris. This opera will be remade in 1996 into a bohemian rock musical called “Rent.”

It isn’t until the 20 th century that the hobble skirt, harem pants, and the “lampshade” tunic makes their way onto the fashion scene by French designer Paul Poiret between 1902-1929. Of course what most people really recognize as bohemian fashion is the “gypsy look” which was brought about by Dorothy McNeill and called the “Dorelia Look.” These were when the full skirts and bright colors with little else were born.

World War I soon began and with another war there began an evolution of fashion particularly for women. With all the men going off to battle women had to join the work force, and since corsets are impractical for factory work they began to wear trousers. During the 1920s the flapper fashion became popular but bohemian stayed flourishing with gypsies and travelers. In 1949 the bohemian style briefly turned away from the bright colors when French actress/singer Juilette Greco wore all black and gold sandals.

The 1960s brought about the hippies who majorly shaped the bohemian fashion known and loved today. Much like the original creators of the boho style hippies embraced individuality, and so their outfits ended up being very colorful. The skirts were free flowing, the tunics loose, a lot of the clothes were patched together, and there was mixing of prints and colors. All of this can be seen on Janis Joplin the bohemian icon from 1962-1970, and on Cher during her early career when she began singing with her now ex-husband Sonny Bono in 1964. Other popular boho icons in the 1960s include Stevie Nicks, Twiggy, Steven Tyler, and Jane Birkin.


In the 1970s the women’s liberation movement was in the forefront of the world asking women to be true to themselves. This newfound freedom of second wave feminism was not only found in college classrooms but also clothing started to reflect these ideas.

In the 1990s boho icon Johnny Depp made his way onto the silver screen, and has always been seen as a true bohemian who never conformed. Even today he is seen to be unique in his style. Another popular icon of this fashion at this time was English singer-songwriter Imogen Jennifer Heap . . . in 2003 the boho chic is born which combines bohemian and hippie styles. That same year Bohemian becomes mainstream fashion because of American fashion designer, author, and actress Nicole Richie. Mary-Kate Olsen a child star who turned into a fashion icon was also a big supporter of the bohemian style, but in 2005 several media outlets said that she took it too far with torn baggy jeans, tons of scarves, and having knotty hair. They said her look was not boho chic but instead “homeless chic.” Mary-Kate cleaned up her look since then but continues to dress in the bohemian style. Other icons of the 2000s include Kate Moss, Mischa Barton, and Florence Welch. The boho icon of today, appearing in 2014, is actress, singer/songwriter, model, musician and producer Zooey Deschanel.

It does not appear that the bohemian fashion is going anywhere anytime soon. During the 2016 Fashion Week designers Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Etro, Alberta Ferretti, and Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini all showed outfits that showed boho inspiration. Any quick look into a fashion magazine will show that bold prints, flowing maxis, flowering dresses, and fringed vests are not anywhere close to going out of style.

The Bottom of Being Bohemian

Boho-chic is a fashion style that became relatively popular thanks to actress
Sienna Miller, model Kate Moss, and actress/businesswoman Mary-Kate Olsen
(not a fashion that was shared with her twin). This fashion style is a mixture of
hippie and bohemian and while these three made it super popular in 2005, and
the term ‘boho-chic’ was born, it has actually been around (with on-and- off
popularity) since the 1799. It is likely never going to disappear (and who really
wants it to?) so here are some weird facts about the boho-chic!


“BoHo” is an abbreviation of Bohemian Homeless—sounds depressing. It’s actually a self-describing word of the actual original creators of the bohemian style which were homeless gypsies of 1799 France. Not surprisingly, Bohemian skirts are sometimes referred to as gypsy skirts. In fact, Bohemian actually
translates to gypsy in French.

“Chic” is another word taken from France that was established as an English
word in the 1870s. It means elegant.

So if we put this all together ‘boho-chic’ technically translates to elegant
bohemian homeless.

That’s right! Boho-chic Goth was a thing that began popping up around midsummer of 2006. It was infusing the boho-chic look with a heavy metal attitude of biker boots, studded leather jackets, and of course skulls. There is something vampire-like about the bohemian skirt, and nothing says Goth like something that is long and flowing. The mixture of lace and leather is obviously a good pairing. Popular rock singer Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine is known to exhibit
this style.

Sherlock Holmes
One of the first times Dr. Watson ever describes the detective Sherlock Holmes in “A Scandal in Bohemia” he does so by saying “Holmes, who loathed every form of society with his whole Bohemian soul, remained in our lodgings in Baker Street, buried among his old books, and alternating from week to week between cocaine and ambition.” While the cocaine is something to be frowned upon, the fact that writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle decided to describe Holmes, as having a ‘bohemian soul’ in his first ever short story with the detective in 1891 is interesting.

Thinking back to roots of where bohemian style came from—from the gypsies
and the outcasts—it shouldn’t be surprising that many of the people who take up
the fashion style are non-conformists. (Yes, technically conforming to fashion style is conforming but every person fits into some box.) Bohemian stylists are often the people who are found in anti-establishment action (hello hippies!) and
into individualism. They also have a love for art be it visual, literature, or

Men’s Boho
Bohemian fashion is most commonly associated with women because generally
people think of the long, flowing, insanely comfortable but fashion-friendly
skirts. If Holmes can be seen as a bohemian soul that means it can also be a male
fashion thing as well. (Boho-dude should be a made into a fashion name.) For
men the fashion takes on a lot of distressed jeans, lots of laying of clothes, and
scarves. In fact, major hot hunk of a man Johnny Depp is a boho-dude.

It was never meant to be a fashion style
Unlike most fashion trends like platform boots, short-shorts, or JNCO Jeans the boho-chic or bohemian style was never meant to be a style. It was made popular by people who honestly did not care if their clothes were trendy or not. Gypsies did not care what people thought of how they dressed which is one of the reasons they were considered to be sexy. Even thinking about when it became popular in 1967 with the rise of the hippie it wasn’t because it was really a fashion statement. Flowing skirts were just a reflection of a “free-flowing” sort of attitude.

Five Summer Fashion Tips for Staying Cool & Cute

With the summer sun high in the sky fashion is understandably taking on a shorter look. There are few things as uncomfortable as sweat pooling down a buttcrack, and even less attractive. Probably one of the most undesirable things about summer is that even if it were legal to walk around naked it would still be hot. At least during the winter months it is possible to layer on the clothes to become warmer. Either way, summer is staying here for another couple of months so here are five tips on how to stay fashionable and cooler.


  1. Invest in a Gypsy Skirt

One of the down sides of fashion for women is that shorts seem to be getting shorter. While in theory that seems like a fantastic way to beat the heat it actually leads to embarrassing camel toes, wedgies, and panties showing. Instead of being uncomfortable look into picking up a mid-length gypsy or bohemian skirt. The free-flowing material is certain to keep your legs cooler, and it is considered to be very fashionable to pair one of these skirts with a top that will show off your midriff. If your belly isn’t something you’re comfortable showing a spaghetti strap top in a light solid color is sure to be a winner.


  1. Maxi Summer Dresses

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

Much like the skirt cousin mentioned above a maxi dress brings in the breeze without sacrificing comfort. The major benefit is that instead of there being two pieces of clothing there is just one. Many maxi dresses can be found to have creative prints to them, or go for a solid color that can be dressed up with jewelry

  1. Hair Clips instead of Ponytails

For those of us who have long hair it is lovely to have it down, but not really optional in the summer. While ponytails are great, they are not nearly as cool as flipping your hair up in a big no slip grip clip. It’s easy, cute, and can be done when hair is wet or dry.


  1. Why hello shoulders! Off-the-shoulder top

Despite what some people might say shoulders are not distracting. I never understood why when I was in high school why my shoulders always needed to be covered because they would be a distraction. Either way, I’m an adult now, and I say this summer I’m going to be showing them off. With so many shirts with such fun designs there is no reason to not invest in at least one off-the-shoulder top. Trust me, your shoulders will thank you for it.


  1. Goodbye Blue Jeans – Hello Skirt Riding Pants!

Grey Split Skirt Pants 

Sometimes wearing pants is not optional. Maybe you are going to a farm or going to babysit small children. Instead of going for a tight pair of jeans try the breezy option of skirt riding pants that have the feel, and even a bit of the look, of a long bohemian skirt. They can be paired with a top in the same way a gypsy skirt can.

A Comfortable and Complimenting Option for Plus Size

In a world full of skinny jeans and shortening shorts it is becoming increasingly uncomfortable to shop for plus-sizes. For as much body positivity as celebrities, the media, and feminists are shouting it is not being reflected in clothing stores. It can be disheartening to go shopping, and is not seen as an enjoyable experience because nothing fits. If it does fit it is usually insanely expensive. Fashion options can be very limiting—at least for mainstream style.


If looking outside of what Macy’s is selling there are some styles that are friendly to women of all styles. A bohemian or gypsy style skirt is usually misrepresented that it is just something hippies that are as thin as willow trees wear. Bohemian skirts are often made in plus size, and they work out well for larger curves because it is not designed to hug. It is made to flair out so that it can look like something that is freeing instead of confining.


Bohemian skirts also come in a variety of different colors and styles—not just a white skirt with a few ruffles and lace. They are often described as being simple and elegant. While yes, sparkles and hooter shorts might seem “cool” in the movies it is not exactly considered classy. Even women who have the body type for that outfit only feel comfortable if they are getting drunk in it.

The skirts are also often adjustable. It’s nice to have options in styles like that—even if you are willow thin. Some days are just days where your body feels like it needs to be bloated. It is also nice to know that if you do lose any weight that an entirely new wardrobe does not need to be bought.


Often times when looking at bohemian skirts there are pants sold there as well that are snug and breathable. These pants are made from Algodon (which is Spanish for cotton) that are crochet-laced making them different, but not in an uncomfortable way.

Clothes that are designed for comfort as the starting point, and then go for looks following it are really a win-win for all women. Of course, if you are tired of clothes never seeming to fit check out a bohemian store. It is not a shop just for hippies—you might find something that you like.

What are Prairie skirts?

You’ve see these Tiered Ombré Skirts at Nordstroms of the world – these are Prairie skirts that are slightly flared to very full, with one or more flounces (deep ruffles) or tiers, and are often worn over a ruffled eyelet or lace-trimmed petticoat.
The boho skirt in many ways resembles prairie skirts that were worn during the early 1800s. Prairie skirts were often made of homespun cotton or cotton feed sacks. In those days, feed sacks were highly valued because they were printed in small floral patterns, and prairie women often recycled the feed sacks into blouses and skirts.
Prairie skirts are so-called after their resemblance to the home-sewn skirts worn by pioneer women in the mid-19th century, which in turn are a simplified version of the flared, ruffled skirts characteristic of high-fashion dresses of the 1820s.
In keeping with their design inspiration, traditional prairie skirts are usually made of “country” fabrics such as denim and flowered calico. Prairie skirts are a staple of women’s western wear, and very full prairie skirts are worn for square dancing.
Mid-calf length, button-front denim prairie skirts with a single flounce, worn with a petticoat that was slightly longer than the skirt, became a mainstream fashion in the 1970s and early 1980s.
Short, many-tiered prairie skirts of voile, chiffon or other lightweight fabrics were a fashion trend in 2005. Some wear longer-length prairie skirts with a slip or underskirt to preserve modesty.
There is a right and a wrong way to wear a prairie skirt, and the key to success has more to do with balancing your line than with any inherent style ability. The key to wearing a prairie skirt successfully is to remember that the skirt design is naturally long and flowing, so the rest of your ensemble should not be that long. Choose a fitted knit shirt or tank top for your upper half, and belt your prairie skirt around your natural waist.
Prairie skirts are not all extra-wide and flowing. You can choose your length as well as your width of prairie skirt, and the new breed of shorter tiered prairie skirts are more figure-skimming and flattering.
Down there, platform sandals are a great choice along with a cloth bohemian bag and a bandanna headband.

Looking for Boho Footwear?

Women’s boho style is an interesting look that has been adopted by everyone from the average woman to the most famous celebrities.
It takes some of the flavor of the earthy, hippie look and combines it with a romantic look then adds a dash of upscale style to create a final look that is comfortable but fashionable. Women’s boho shoes are great because they are totally stylish but there is an emphasis on being comfortable when you are wearing them. Women always long for a comfortable shoe that doesn’t make them look frumpy and the boho style of shoe is just that type of shoe. Shown below are examples of ten different types of shoes that would fall into the general style of women’s boho although of course the specific designs change from year to year and from designer to designer. Women’s boho style is an interesting look that has been adopted by everyone from the average woman to the most famous celebrities.  It takes some of the flavor of the earthy, hippie look and combines it with a romantic look then adds a dash of upscale style to create a final look that is comfortable but fashionable. Women’s boho shoes are great because they are totally stylish but there is an emphasis on being comfortable when you are wearing them. Women always long for a comfortable shoe that doesn’t make them look frumpy and the boho style of shoe is just that type of shoe. Shown below are examples of ten different types of shoes that would fall into the general style of women’s boho although of course the specific designs change from year to year and from designer to designer.

Boho belly dance sandles are the frequently associated with the women’s boho style. A perfect attire for an elegant and mysterious gait durable to every women. This virile belly in which flame pea beads are used to give glamour look. Creating the most fashionable and upscale style of footwear.

These black bohemian shoes are just onesome to wear with the jeans. Aperfect footwear that adds on the style and personality of the lady. The sharp heal and design around the heal is similar anklet that just enhancing the look and is most liked by all women.

The unique creating can be seen in the design as leather is embroider with the combination of different colors of thread, presenting the boho style along with the unique creativity.
Accessories used with boho footwear.

What footwear or shoes to wear with long skirts

What footwear or shoes to wear with long skirts? Check here for some beautiful long skirts.

There are many fashion trends that come and go, just as hemlines rise and fall. One of the classic styles that has endured over many decades is the long, mid-calf length skirt. It is a versatile style that can be dressed up or dressed down, and the shoe that one chooses to wear with a long skirt can determine whether one looks good enough or not.

Shoes that were one regarded as strictly casual shoes have been refashioned to fit more formal situations. Sandals are a classic example of that. Long summer skirts look very appropriate with sandals. Flat strappy sandals can be the perfect compliment to a casual summery skirt. They are the perfect addition to an outfit that is designed to scream comfort.

These are just a few of the many possibilities that can work with long skirts. Since there are no longer the hard and fast rules regarding style that there once were, people have a lot more leeway to choose what appeals to them. Although it’s safe to say that just about anything is acceptable, one should always remember that the occasion for which one is dressing should be the most important consideration when deciding what kind of shoe to pair with a long skirt.

A ballet flat can be elegant but casual. If one is looking for a retro type of look, one could wear Fry boots (the style of the 1970’s,) a Birkenstock will look okay, as will a casual sandal or even a pair of flip flops with a wedge. Clogs have always looked great with denim skirts, and a long denim skirt is no exception. Suede ankle boots or elegant knee high boots are also an option, but these are best suited to casual occasions. Some types of clogs can also look great with a long straight casual skirt.

Check here for some beautiful long skirts.

Bohemian Skirts for Summer

If what you are looking for is slirts that mesmerize both when you wear it and when others see it – you can call it boho, peasant, tiered or gypsy, whatever you like, one thing is for certain though, these skirts are unbelievably cute.

The bohemian fashion style is very popular this season. The boho look is very retro, hippie like, with a lot of chic printed and colored fabric. This look is very comfortable, feminine and it reminds you of those warm summer days.

Bohemian Brown Long SkirtThe boho skirts are a very important part of the bohemian fashion style.

Flowy Long SkirtThe skirts are loose around the body and can vary in length. The skirts can have under the knee length or floor length. The fabric the skirts are made of is usually cotton or other types of fabric that flow around the body. They look incredibly hot as they accentuate the waist and hide the hips and legs.

The color pallet of the skirts varies widely. You can find them in one color like peach, green, yellow, blue, in multiple colors, tie dyed, floral printed.

The color range is absolutely unbelievable.

One of the best things about these skirts is that they can be worn with flats, flip-flops, platform shoes or high heels. No matter what you put on you will still look amazing.

A nice bohemian skirt, a pair of flats, a simple top and a handbag is all you need to look gorgeous and very trendy. The best thing about this outfit is that you will look and feel great and comfortable at the same time.

As far as accessories go you can wear boho style jewelery like a pair of dangling earrings, a nice boho bracelet or a boho necklace. You can even go without any accessories for a more simple look.

Hollywood celebrities have fallen in love with this look at we can see why. Nicole Richie, Sienna Miller, Ashley Olsen, Victoria Beckham, Ashley Simpson are only a few celebrities that have been spotted rocking this type of skirts.

Layered Long SkirtLong Straight SkirtWhite Long Skirt

Courtesy become