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White Skirts – ephemeral and eternal

white-skirt-closeupWhite Skirt in Salt BackgroundWhite is an eternal color. Anything in white can look good, sober, stylish. Embellished white, especially with silver, gold, ruby and white itself can be ephemeral and eternal at the same time. The idea of  festooned long white skirts and modest, limited top is lived so well in this picture from Vintage Market Ibiza (credits owed to them).  If this is a style you would like to try, at a mere 30 to 40 bucks, there are many long white skirts available at[1]3486-royal-white-embellished-cotton-skirt_th[1]4016-white-decor-crepe-skirt_th[1]4067-snow-white-crochet-skirt_th[1]