Are you interested in knowing about different people and their cultures from around the world? Do you always look forward to celebrations and festivals? If you love traditional fests and want to know about them, why not visit a new place to explore and learn for the experience!

  • Inti Raymi – A religious festival of the South American Inca Empire, this is an important day for Inca people and is celebrated in countries like Peru and Ecuador. It is a festival of the sun and native people dress in their traditional colorful costumes and celebrate this day with performing folk dances.

  • MassKara – A festival of smiling masks, it is celebrated in Philippines. People wear masks and dress themselves in colorful attire. They dance and perform for a dancing competition on the local streets. Various music and sports events are also held during this festival.

  • Holi: A festival of colors, Holi is celebrated in India for centuries and has a historical story attached to it. People celebrate this auspicious festival with colors and Hindu prayers. This festival is similar to La Tomatina festival of Spain, instead of tomatoes, people play with colors. This festival is so popular that now, it is celebrated in other countries as well.

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