• Beaded Necklace: Big beaded neck pieces in African gypsy style, like this from toubabparis, look amazing for a festive occasion. Bright and colorful beads are perfect to stylize any simple and dull looking dress.

  • Headdress: Vibrant and funky head jewelry and backdrop necklaces, like this one from RasaVil Jewelry, are great to catch everyone’s attention. This trend is going to rock this season and it is a must try, especially if you are going for a music fest.

  • Body Chains: This is a forever young trend for the hippie fashion followers. Armbands, leg chains and bikini chains look hip, groovy and sexy when worn with a short bohemian dress. For a beach party, body chains are an uber cool choice.


  • Fingernail Rings: Get yourself a nail ring to make a fresh fashion statement. A unique ring shaped like a nail that you can wear for a boho festival – studded, metallic or embellished – there is an option to meet everyone’s taste and style.

  • Wrist Cuffs: Embellished wrist cuffs and wrist bands are especially for the boho chic girls. Apart from parties and festive events, you can carry these on traditional occasions as well.



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