The festive season is approaching and everyone is busy shopping and decorating. Going on a party, getting ready for a friend’s upcoming birthday or inviting family to a dinner night – we think of gifting ideas after the preparation is done, we often get confused and end up asking someone for suggestions. After all the brainstorming, we either think of gifting a watch or a book. Are you someone who loves bohemian style and if yes, here are some great gift ideas for you. No matter whom you are giving gift, they are surely going to love this.

  • Lights: This might sound unusual but a Fringe Pendent Light like this one from will definitely make your friend’s home look more beautiful. It is useful, unique and something that everyone will love to have in their room. A creatively designed hanging light is a purposeful décor item with a hippie look.


  • Miniature Plants: Ever thought of gifting miniature plants to someone? These look really cute and will make anyone’s day happier and cheer up their mood. Go for a miniature plant or bonsai, like this one from and brighten up the day of the person you are giving this innovative gift.

  • Vase: A glass or a porcelain vase, with traditional designs inspired from Persia, look amazing. A great piece of decorative item that everyone likes to keep in their house, a flower vase makes a perfect gift for anyone and everyone, from friends to family to colleagues. Buy beautiful flowers like orchids or lilies, or indoor decorative plants for the vase.

  • Diary: Does your friend like to write? Are you thinking of gifting a diary to your classmate? Then give a personalized one and make a boho-chic diary cover with elements that will remind your friend of all the times you spent together. Pick a cool color and go for denim, suede or leather with a touch of gypsy style like this one from Cesart64. You can add a memorable photograph in the diary with a sweet note.

  • Key Ring: Do you have a little sibling or a younger friend? Or are you looking for an inexpensive gift? A cute hanging or a key ring in colorful and gypsy styles will make anyone instantly happy. Buy one in a unique boho-inspired shape like an elephant or an owl with boho elements like tassels, pom-poms and dream catcher.

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