If you think scarves are old fashioned, think again because here’s a brand new way to tie your scarf and you are definitely going to love this new trend. Here are the latest tips on how to tie a silk scarf and make a fashion statement.

  • Neck: Try some different knotting styles and wrap a long scraf around your neck like a choker necklace. You can make the knot in the front, on the side or may be the back! Wear a shirt, an off shoulder-top or a crop top but avoid wearing any jewelry. If you have to, keep it minimal and wear simple earrings or bracelet.


  • Wrist: Tie it around your wrist like an accessory and look fashionable. Make your scarf the new bracelet and let it steal the look. Keep your overall look simple and classy. You can carry this new fashion to your office as well. Wear a sleek dress or pair a shirt with a pencil skirt, and tie a beautiful silk scarf around your wrist. Pick a bright color for a street look.


  • Hair: Use your scarf as a hair accessory and tie up your hair for a chic vintage look. You can try it with different hairstyles and knot up your scarf around a ponytail, a bun or a braid. Tie your hair loosely and wrap a scarf to get a sensual look.


  • Handbag: Wrap a soft scarf around your leather handbag and carry it to your office for a formal fashion. If you wear a shirt to your workplace, you can try matching colors or prints of your shirt with the scarf. For a street style, wrap a colorful bandana and grab people’s attention.


  • Jeans: This trend is not totally new and is inspired from the earlier hippie fashion. Tie a scarf around the loop of your jeans or trousers for a street style and wear it with shorts for a beach look.


  • Ankle: Wrap a scarf around your ankle and walk in style. Wear only flats, flip-flops or mules according to the occasion but do not wear heels. This fashion looks good with jeans or shorts. If you want to wear a skirt, go for a mini skirt.


  • Top: Add a fresh piece to your wardrobe for the summer season and wear a large-sized silk scarf like a bandeau top. Knot it up on the front or the back, as you like and wear simple accessories. This is also a cool option to wear while going to beach.


So, why wait? Rock this uber cool scarf style right now!

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