Ever thought of a boho-themed wedding? Well, it is a cool idea to wear a hip colorful wedding dress, add feathers and dream catchers to your boho-wedding décor, and have a unique experience but it may seem weird to some of your guests. So, let’s take a look at how you can be a boho bride in an elegant manner.

  • Décor: If you want to go for the gypsy-style, then an open air wedding is perfect. Keep the decorations simple and add a touch of bohemian-styled feathers, shells and mandalas.

  • Drinks: Put a small and fragrant flower in each glass of cocktail or champagne that will be served to the guests. A lavender or some rose petals or even herbs work fine – they look beautiful and also add some flavor to the drink.

  • Accessories: Wear a bracelet or an anklet make of real flowers. It looks pretty and is a chic choice to get a bohemian look. Otherwise, keep your accessories simple and minimal but if you still want, wear a small necklace.

  • Dress: Finally, the wedding gown of the bride is something that steals the show. There is a wide variety of gypsy wedding dresses that you can choose from but it is better not to go for heavily embellished and colorful dresses. Choose wisely and buy something that you can wear sometime later as well like this dress from Anna Campbell.



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