Ever thought of trying something new, chic and crazy? If you love the bohemian gypsy look yet want to carry your style with elegance, here is a new trend that you can go for – the French-Bohemian trend! The two things that must be kept in mind while wearing this fashion trend are: the bohemian attire has a flowy look with bold patterns and colorful designs; while the French clothing is all about pastel shades and modern dressing style with a delicate touch. And when you combine these two totally opposite styles, you will definitely make a statement!

  • The Lace Finesse: Wear a hip skirt with fullness, but choose light and pastel colors with come lace work done on it.
  • Blush Crush: To accessorize, choose soft shades to look sophisticated. At the same time, go for beaded, embroidered and/or embellished handbags, purses and jewelry pieces.

  • The Elan Dress: Pick neutral and light colored dresses with handwork or minimal gypsy prints.

  • Bold Urbanity: If you want to wear a dark colored piece, keep the rest simple. You can buy a tie-dyed top or a block print maxi skirt.

  • The Panache Pants: Sport a stylishly graceful look with traditional prints, such as palazzo pants with Persian design imprinted on it.

Be in vogue with the ‘French x Hippie’ street style!

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