Recently, we saw some retro gypsy looks coming back into trend this year with stunning patchworks, eye-catching appliqués, colorful embroideries and of course, the eighties-style bell bottom pants. From Gucci to Zara, every brand had some multicolored floral pattern in their collection, including accessories and footwear. And how can we forget jumpsuits – a rage all over the world! No doubt, a lot of flowers, birds and almost every natural motif possible were used in this year’s fashion trend. Pure cotton was used by almost every designer and thereafter, every brand.


The romantic look of the flowy lace tops were carried by almost every girl, showing off the most feminine side of their inner spirit, with soft pastel shades being the most popular. Sheer fabrics were a hit this season, making every girl going bold and still feel like a princess. To add to this uniqueness, sequins and pearls were used widely. From simple, casual looks to sophisticated, intricate works – there was something fresh for everyone to experiment with.


The inspiration –


But what about next year? Aren’t you excited to know about the future fashion trends, so  that you can grab your shopping bag and run for the latest trends as soon as the new year arrives? Here are some some of the fashion forecast styles of 2019 to look for:

1.The tie and dye print tops:


2.The hippie look with big florals and bold patterns:


          3.Colorful jewelry with big chunky pieces:                         


4.Tie and Dye Scarfs:



5.Flowery Maxi Dresses and Skirts:



Don’t waste time – just shop for the upcoming hippie outfits and surprise your friends by wearing a cool attire before the trend hits the market. Be ahead of everyone else with


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