An indispensable necessity of ladies’ routine lives, a bag is something that is needed all the time to carry things around. From lipstick and face wipes to keys and sunglasses, we throw a lot of small things in our bags. There is a wide variety of bags available in the market but to choose the right one according to your needs is very important. Plus, picking up a boho-chic bag must be a priority if you love gypsy fashion! So, here are a few bags of different kinds that may help you getting an idea for buying the perfect bohemian bag.

  • Basket Bag: A basket-like open bag with handles, it is usually made from interwoven straw or a heavy-weight material like canvas. This looks cool and is perfect to carry as much things as you want. You can even carry a few dresses in this big bag. Pick a basket bag if you like going on outings with friends or shopping in the local market. Go with some bohemian patterns and motifs in bold colors.

  • Potli: With an urban gypsy look, a potli bag is a small bag used mostly for carrying money and keys. It looks adorable and there is a wide variety available – from embellished to appliquéd. Pick something unusual and funky. Go for pom-poms or tassels in bright colors. You can buy a potli with a long shoulder strap for travelling in the city, or one with short handles for going out on events and occasions.

  • Tote Bag: The evergreen tote bag is everyone’s favorite because of its simple yet universal style. A big tote can stuff all your makeup essentials, travel diaries and picnic attire! You can buy a zipper bag or a tie-up bag. Go for embroidered tote bags instead of embellished ones, if you use them a lot. But try to find something different from the rest, like this tote bag with knotted strap.

  • Handbag: The one and only purse bag that every woman has. A handbag is handy, easy to carry and perfect for almost every occasion. Go for a handbag with tassels, pom-poms, embroidery, beads, mirrors, sequins, patchwork, appliqué work or lace work, or one that has each of these elements like this from and you are ready to rock every event!

  • Backpack: A backpack is the perfect bag to carry all the stuff securely and comfortably. The broad straps are easy on your shoulders and yes, you can eat your ice cream without worrying about anything else! If you want to buy a backpack, go for a convertible one like this from – it has straps that you can use the bag as a backpack and handles for using it as a handbag. Look for side, inner and hidden pockets while buying one.

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