1 Mother of the groom dr.lynd...@l...com
Does the embroidery, ribbon trim and sequins go all the way around the skirt? What does "no work in the back" mean?
Answer: The back has the lace and ribbon trim going all the way, but the floral embroidery and sequins are only on the front side.
Rating: no rating, just a question
2 Sherry goldiespe...@b...com
Absolutely beautiful skirt! So feminine. Will be a pleasure to wear.
Rating: 5
3 3657...@y...com
Love it!
Rating: 5
4 C cherylcar...@t...com
I love this skirt. It's comfortable, flowey, pretty embroidering, It's made of cotton but it's classy and dressy at the same time.
Rating: 5
5 Lucy labio_hi...@y...com
Too long
I'm a short person so this skirt is too long on me. I have to wear the waist band higher then my waist, but I get tons of compliments each time I wear it.
Rating: 4