1 Elle plantcron...@g...com
Great and fun wrap skirt for a variety of sizes
I love this skirt..the fit is good for my size 4 and my daughters size 16 both. Looks good with leggings for winter wear-I wore it this afternoon to a potluck with a Christmas red sweater tunic and it looked quite stylish and cheery.
Rating: 5
2 Elle plantcron...@g...com
A great skirt for any size
When I first took this skirt out of its bag, I thought-oh way way too big for me..maybe it will fit my daughter. I wear a size 4-she wears a 16 and it does fit both of us-and looks great on both of us, amazingly enough. Though it wraps around me almost twice, it does help keep me warm that way. The colors are quite nice-not typically the '60s style of tie dye, but they do look good when on. The waist line has a sexy dip of fabric on the side away from where I tie the skirt..All in all-an excellent choice-and looks good under leggings too.
Rating: 5 stars +++++