1 Diane isabell36...@a...com
Your site is impossible to navigate . You give me a 5$ discount that never worksand will not letme pick size or remove from cart?
Answer: 1. The coupon code can be entered on the basket/ shopping cart page by clicking on "USE DISCOUNT CODE" below the final price for your style. Clicking "USE DISCOUNT CODE" opens a box where you can write your coupon code and then click apply and the amount is reduced from your basket. 2. Most of our styles are a one size fits most kind of style because they have elastic waists. They are flexible across a couple of sizes. For such styles it will not let you pick a size. However there are a few styles that are sized and you can pick a size from the drop down near the BUY button. 3. To remove an item from the basket: Write a "0" in the quantity box of the item you wish to delete.After that go to the bottom of the basket and click the "Update" button. This should remove the item from your basket.