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We take great pride in our little store because we sell hand picked designer fashion mostly hand crafted merchandise. Everything we sell is meant to make you look and feel special, vibrant, happy and cheerful. Thats why we love bright colors and fancy patterns and that is reflected in all we sell. Take a look at our unique collection and see for yourself......
There's a little Bohemian in all of us!
Our stylish and trendy Bohemian Chic Skirt Collection is perfect for the women of today who has an eye on the past! This vintage-look collection features rich tonal pinks and purples with golden accents.
We offer a distinctive and sophisticated collection of exquisitely sequined evening wraps, embroidered stoles and uniquely woven paisley stoles. We also have hand-embroidered sequined and beaded handbags and some exquisite jewelry. We specialize in designer items with a sophisticated flair tastefully fashioned in exceptional colors. Many of our designs are inspired from the streets of Hollywood and made to order. Others are selectively hand picked to ensure creative designs and superior quality.
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From the Time Magazine | Time Bonus Section September 2005: Connections

Back To Boho

That '70s look--flowing, layered and beaded--is headed to school this fall

It's a late-summer afternoon on Larchmont Boulevard in Los Angeles' leafy Hancock Park neighborhood, and small clusters of girls gathered in front of Jamba Juice are sweeping the sidewalk with their floor-length skirts. Their T shirts are oversize and piled on in layers. And their sunglasses, with lenses nearly the size of CDs, cover their teenage faces. On the next block, boys with shaggy hair below their ears, wearing rock T shirts from bands that were performing before most of their parents could drive, practice tricks on skateboards.

Eccentric dressing--with such distinctly bohemian touches as shoulder-grazing earrings, long, beaded necklaces and slouchy canvas bags--has been big all summer. Now the trend is heading back to school, even if that means tripping over a hem on the school-bus steps.

Fans of this latter-day hippie look say in many ways it's ideal for adolescents, who have competing needs both to stand out and to fit in. First, because of its many moving parts--layers of separates, stacks of jewelry, winding scarves--it's easy to personalize. Second, the loose, comfy style works for all body types. Third, it's not a trend driven by expensive brand names, so it works for all budgets as well. "Right now, this big wave of boho chic, a little hippie and vintage, allows you to belong and show who you are," says Jacqueline Azria-Palombo, creative director of CosmoGirl magazine. "It's about how you wear pins and scarves or slouchy boots. You can give it your own twist, and you don't have to be tall and skinny to wear it. It's a style with no rules, which is very liberating."

It's no surprise that the boho look has taken off in preternaturally casual California, but the style has spread across the country, thanks to such young celebrities as Mary-Kate Olsen, Sienna Miller and Jessica Simpson, who have been photographed in flowing '70s-era dresses, floppy hats and bangly jewelry. Olsen in particular seems to be channeling a style made popular 35 years ago (picture the young Joan Didion in the Haight), draping yards of fabric around her tiny frame.

Students at California's Santa Monica High are taking notes. "When you layer your shirts, you get a little tank top first and then put the longer shirts on top of it," says freshman Sara Gross, 14, of her approach to the boho style. "Some [of the tops] are button-up. Some have long sleeves and could be like a jacket, I guess. But they're all loose. They're like two times your size."

Retailers big and small have responded to the trend by turning to ethnic-clothing importers from around the globe. "We have an Indian importer who visits me every week with new things. They just keep selling," says Kristen Sato, who along with her mother owns the children's-clothing store Flicka in Los Angeles. "We sell long, tiered peasant skirts and tie-dyed tunic shirts, some with embroidery and beading. There's a lot of mixing and matching. We also sell rock T shirts by the truckload. They're $60, with band names on them like the Rolling Stones and David Bowie, and we sell them all day long for infants to size 16s. Led Zeppelin is a big request." Sato believes that the trend appeals to girls' love of costumes and dress-up. "They do it instinctively," she says. "It speaks to their need for comfort and sparkly, colorful clothes."

Parents may not understand why their kids want to disappear into over-size clothing or buy a new T shirt that's "distressed" to look old or wear a secondhand hat that would look at home on a 19th century train engineer, but they should be grateful for two things: the style is inherently modest--"the girl is not as much of a sex object," notes Azria-Palombo--and it's much less costly than last year's brand-driven, preppy look.

Besides being available at the Salvation Army and vintage shops, the boho style is easily found in such low-cost stores as H and M, the Swedish chain that has 78 U.S. outlets. Its fall collection looks as though it were pulled from a closet in Big Sur, circa 1972. "We've imported a lot of items with accents of leather and suede, rustic wool and tweed from Eastern Europe and northern Canada," says Jennifer Uglialoro, H and M's U.S. spokeswoman. Also among the fall offerings are romantic blouses, heavy knits and feathered earrings for girls and vintage-inspired T shirts for boys.

Urban Outfitters' fall collection, a favorite among high schoolers, includes ankle-length '70s-print dresses, oversize knit vests and tuxedo vests like those from the disco era. Old Navy is also in on the act with beaded jean jackets and sheer floral blouses to be worn over camisoles.

The boho style is even being adapted for younger children. The London-based Boden catalog has a new line that's a hit with urban moms (and their kids). For girls, there are shaggy fringe cardigans, plus T shirts and knitwear with lots of handwork, including sequins and woven patches. For boys, who are less likely to layer, shirts and pants are "washed" to look lived in. "A very classic polo shirt can give quite a different impression if it's highly distressed or ripped," says Emma Stevens, Boden's children's-wear designer.

Jumping on this trend for fall may be as simple as tossing some strings of wooden beads over a T shirt or a '70s knit cardigan with a belt over a school uniform, given that floppy hats and supersize sunglasses may not pass any classroom dress code. "When school starts, I'll carry my big backpack again," says Gross, who toted a droopy canvas bag all summer. "It ruins the outfit, but what are you going to do?"

Amplifying Your Inner Beauty With Classy Fashion With A Scarf and/or Shawl

As women, we have the choice to be stunning with sharp scarves and accessories to bring up our spirits into a state of fashion exhileration, to continue being recent with the hottest style movements. Fashion Scarves and Shawls can now help you do that. Elegance is an innermost frame of mind. Wearing a shawl or wrap is a sensory experience, where you can easily touch, share and test tons of the tremendous textiles and shades. Their elaborate patterns breathe brand new life in something which might be named as tired. The shawl flows easily along our side as we move through the doors to refreshed assurance, increased elegance. We radiate with increased brilliance, we feel content, chic, and genuinely stunning.
Can all this really come from apparel accessories such as scarves and shawls? You shouldn't be astonished at how a basic embellishment to our clothes can provide various levels of beauty to your appearance. A shawl, with its lovely color and pleasing textures, can make a normal white shirt into a stylish delicacy, leaving us feeling beautiful. Thanks to this refined wardrobe accessory, common dresses and shirts can shift into outstanding eye catchers. We have the option to get a playful look, a more solemn look, a more low key look, any kind of look we need all with one or two fashion shawls! You could select conventional tones, delightful, eclectic potporris of colorful, textured, trendy wraps and bask in fringes or straight lined edges. With styling to match most any taste, they make available savory patterns and tones to match almost any wardrobe. They will sweep us to a tropical island with their soft tones; to the mountains with their earth tints, or to wherever we have to be. Color your world with the glamour of shawls and wraps. The effect of basking in this chic trend accessory could be a regenerated woman inspired to be in touch with her most comfortable, refreshed, and gorgeous self.
Finally to conclude, hands down, scarves are sexy, modern, and an overall classic. In the winter, thick scarves keep you from freezing, but they also give your outfit personality. There are so many different patterns, designs, and colors that its not always enough to have one! For -30C weather, I have a warm scarf that goes with everything but thats just utilitarian. Depending on my outfit, I have a long, flowing bohemian scarf that can also double as a shawl. Those are wonderful for fall and spring. For summer, silk, gauzy scarves are sexy and great not only for loosely tying around your neck or using as an alternative for a belt.

How To Tie A Scarf

Keeping your Scarf, Shawl or Wrap in Place

Scarves come in many different fabrics, shapes and sizes. Square and rectangular seem to be the most popular shapes.
Winter scarves are generally desired in long lengths to wrap around the neck or face for keeping warm, while dressy scarves are typically much shorter in length.
A designer scarf can be tied in many different styles of knots for creative accessorizing or pinned in place with a decorative accessory to keep it looking neat and fashionable.
A simple square knot tied in the middle of a thin, long rectangular scarf creates a nice accent with an open collar shirt, dress or sweater. Simply tie the knot in the middle of the scarf and secure behind the neck.
This can also be accomplished by tying a knot with the two ends, in front of the neck, or simply looping over once for an ascot effect.
The same scarf, with a knot at each end will makes a great statement worn beneath the collar of a blazer or blouse that has a tailored lapel. A thin, shorter scarf can be tied around a pony tail for a 50s look.
These ideas for wearing a scarf are the primary reason that they are such a popular accessory with women and men.
There are also several types of scarf clips available to compliment a designer scarf.
These little pieces are dual purpose presenting a useful way to secure the scarf and also an additional accent to the outfit. Usually presented in a pin with a loop to draw the scarf ends through, they are typically little jeweled accents to hold the scarf in place.
The jewels can be pinned to a blouse or jacket at the shoulder, or placed on the front of the blouse. Purchasing a clip that has decorative gem stones, pearls or enameling will add to the overall fashion effect of the scarf.
For shawls and wraps, it is generally not necessary to secure them with a knot or a jeweled clip. They are long enough, typically 50-77 inches, to overlap and simple hold themselves in place.
Whether you elect to tie, pin or wear your scarves loosely, you can make a fashion statement and feel comfortable about wearing your scarf or shawl.

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