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How to pull off a bohemian look?
How to pull off a bohemian look?
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Bohemian Style Clothing For Women

Tops: Bohemian style tops/t-shirts/shirts can be of any length, there is no particular length. They can be knee-length or as short as you want them to go. They are characteristically loose, free-flowing tops that can be made to easily fit all body types. They are usually made of soft fabric, mostly cottons and linen, which makes them perfect for summer and can have bold, beautiful patterns of floral designs, tribal designs or designs that portray ancient Chinese history or Indian motifs. They often have puffed sleeves, or can also be off-shouldered, depending on your personal style.

Skirts: The true Bohemian look comes through in skirts. Usually the length of the skirts is long, till the ankles, in gypsy-like fashion. They are available with patchwork, mirror work, bold tribal and animal designs or multi-layered and multi colored and frilled styles. These skirts could also have some beautiful hand-made embroidery on them. Ethnic Boho skirts with ruffles and layers are an excellent choice for a Bohemian makeover.

Lowers: There are many different options besides skirts to cover the lower part of your body like leggings, bell bottoms, gauchos and Arabic style pajamas. These options won’t look good on all body types, so if you are a little skeptical about wearing these lowers, then you could go for high waist boot cut jeans, bell bottoms and Arabic style pajamas or harem pants available in tribal patterns, floral designs or plain colors. Military fatigues are also a good option for a Bohemian look.

Footwear: Normally, in this style, the footwear is flat or with very little heels. They too can come decorated with colored mirror work and patchwork. Stilettos and high-heeled boots are a complete mismatch for a Bohemian look, so simply forget them!

Accessories: Accessories are a big part of the Bohemian get-up. The Bohemian look is incomplete without these. Long necklaces, large earrings, colorful and crazy bangles will all blend in really well with Bohemian clothes. Scarves and bandanas are some of the more common Boho accessories that don’t only gel with the Bohemian style but with several others, too. Don’t wear anything made from plastic or unnatural material. That’s a complete NO-NO for the Bohemian look. Wear anything made out of wood, wool, metal, glass or stone. Opt for cloth bags rather than the leather or synthetic material variety. Glam your cloth bag with lots of mirror work, patchwork and beads.

Going back to nature and becoming one with it is the fundamental philosophy of the Bohemian style and that is why all clothes in this style come in prints of leaves, trees, flowers and other natural images. These clothes symbolize peace and harmony while also indicating a person’s creative and humane nature, as well as her respect for Mother Earth.

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Calling Designers!
Our cotton long skirts have been very popular for last two years, and they are selling hot in Spring-Summer of this year (2008). The summer long skirt designs are so unique that often even we don't carry more than a couple. So if you like one, grab it before its too late.
Items are delicately packed and orders shipped within 24 hours. Low overheads and margins help to keep prices really low. Shipping is minimal (look out for free shipping specials). Overall we strive to put together a great deal for our very happy and satisfied customers and send discount coupons to our regular customers whose number is fast growing.
We do not believe great fashionable clothing has to be very expensive. Carry many of these items well, and trust us you get a bang for your buck. You may find similar long skirts and bags sells at big department stores and fashion boutiques for unbelievable prices. When you shop with us, you buy directly from the manufacturer, so you can enjoy direct global sourcing and thus best prices.

The Little Bazaar: Shop for ethnic and trendy long skirts, jewelry, purses, bags, stoles, kashmiri shawls. Best Value at Best Prices for bohemian or hippie look long skirts and bags.

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