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How to pull off a bohemian look?
How to pull off a bohemian look?
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How to pull off a bohemian look?

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User Kristen: just bought a red and pink bohemian skirt that could be worn long or short (it could be made shorter to around the calf with hidden strings under the skirt) and could be worn as a halter dress (long or slightly above knee-length). now, the thing is, bohemian skirts with its flowing textures (and mine's of quite a dramatic colour) can attract quite a bit of attention and i wonder how i could actually pull it off without looking like i'm "trying to hard" (to be fashionable). i'd love to wear it to work but i'm not sure how i could still look professional too (well, i work in the magazine industry, so generally, dress codes are quite relaxed but of course i don't want to look like i'm going for a summer party). also, there's an upcoming wedding that i'm attending, and i wonder if i could work the skirt for the event. i will appreciate any suggestions and advice. thanks in advance!

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I think a "plain" button down white blouse would be your best friend when it comes to eye-catching bottoms. For the work environment, try wearing the shirt over the hip of the "long" version of your new skirt, a loose fitting matching skinny belt and a long necklace to round it off. Just be careful not to wear too many beads around your neck, or your bohemian look will turn to hippie in a flash. As for the wedding, your best bet would be to talk to the bride and/or the guests to get a feel for the unwritten dress code and just use your best judgment. Have fun exploring the many different options in your spare time!

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