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Washing Instructions to keep crinkle in skirts and clothing

Crinkle – A fabric with an uneven surface, created by use of caustic soda that causes it to shrink unevenly. Plisse is an example of a crinkle crepe fabric. Crinkle crepe and plisse usually have a larger pattern to surface irregularities than crepe.


  • Machine wash in cold water - about 30 degrees C.
  • Wring the garmet of excess water
  • Twist one end clockwise and the other counter-clockwise in rope form
  • fasten with an elastic band and leave to dry

Crinkle refers to a textured fabric that has been treated to create a crinkly effect. The fabrics that are prepared in this way include cotton, silk, velvet, and wool. Crinkle wool is produced by chemical treatment with sodium hydroxide. Crinkle velvet and crinkle silk, also called plissé, may be chemically treated or mechanically produced. Crinkle cotton is either woven to create crinkles or they are created by rolling the cotton fabric in a bag that is sold along with the product along with a how-to guide for storage to maintain the effect. Crinkle cotton is an easy to care for material. The pressure from sitting may temporarily reduce crinkles, which will return when the garment is washed. Air drying is often recommended, and some manufacturers recommend twisting or a three-step process of rolling, twisting, and tying before drying to maintain the look. Crinkle cotton fabrics may be gauze, and when dealing with such a fragile fabric, it is especially important to make sure it is of high quality. This is true whether you are buying it off the bolt by the yard or as a finished piece of clothing. Fair trade crinkle cotton is available, for those who seek it. The material comes in a wide range of colors, including white and pastel shades of pink, yellow, and blue. Deeper shades and patterned designs, including Indian patterns and other ethnic designs, exist as well. Embroidered and sequined crinkle cotton is also available.

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