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Get the Bohemian Chic Look

The Bohemian Chic Look blasted on the scene thanks to super hip stars like Sienna Miller. This look translates well to kids' clothing because it has a sense of whimsy and innocence. The boho-cool look is achieved by piling on lots of interesting layers. Look for texture, color, length, volume and pattern when choosing layers. And, this look benefits from lots of lovely accessories, so bust out the bracelets, necklaces and belts and go for great style.

Choosing Layers


For interest, choose layering pieces with texture such as a crocheted shrug over a simple tee.


The bohemian look calls for earthy tones like browns, khakis and neutral greens. For spring, mix these colors up with dusty pale colors like antique rose, ivory, sage and muted lilac.


Skirts drop below the knee, tops such as tunics flow past the waistline and go down to the hips. Long sleeved tops and cardigans keep arms cozy. Even belts are longer, think sashes and long leather belts that hang down in the front.


This look calls for lots of volume. Choose skits with volume and movement such as tiered prairie skirts, or long broomstick skirts. If she'd rather not wear a skirt, pair a flowing tunic top with a great pair of jeans.


Ethnic inspired patterns are synonymous with the bohemian look, but you can also do small floral patterns and 60s-70s inspired, hippie patterns. The secrets to wearing patterns are pairing them up with solids, and sticking with one color scheme throughout the entire outfit.

Choosing Accessories

Choose accessories that make a bold statement and stay within the color palate that you've chosen. Metallic jewelery works well with this look. Go with chunky bracelets and belts with metallic studs, long necklaces that have a ethnic feel to them, and maybe even an ankle bracelet.

Choosing Footwear

Depending on the weather, choose either leather boots or sandals. In warmer weather choose sandals. Bohemian sandals are best when they are jazzed up with embellishments such as beads, braided leather and metallic studding. For boots, go with leather boots that have a distinctive vintage feel to them. For the bohemian look, I love brown leather boots with a few scuffs, scrapes and other signs of aging.

Tip: Check the soles of the boots for traction for kids' and preteens. A lot of boots fail to offer much traction and are therefore unwise choices for kids.

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