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Multi Beaded Fashion Jewelry
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White Crochet Poncho
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Reversible Fiord Fashion Scarf

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Floral Frenzy Wrap Beach Skirt
New Design
Reduced Price Sale Specials
Cheery Blue Bohemian Fringed Short Skirt
Reduced Price Sale Specials
Barista Patchwork Cotton Frill Skirt
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Bohemian Razor Tie Dye Shoulder Bag
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Bleeding Tie-Dye Skirt
Details   22.99 30.99
Cove Blue Tie Dye Skirt
Details   24.99 30.99
Claret Hues Tie Dye Skirt
Details   18.99 28.99
Darling Gray Sequin Skirt
Details   18.99 28.99
Tie Dye Long Skirt
Details   18.99 28.99
Anzac Spring Skirt
Details   20.99 26.99
Heavy Smoke Beach Coverup
Details   22.99 28.99
Yellow Palm Beach Coverup
Details   18.99 28.99
Our cotton long skirts have been very popular for last three years, and they sold hot this past (2014) Summer as well. The Fringed long skirt and Gaucho pant designs are so unique that often even we don't carry more than a couple. So if you like one, grab it before its too late. The Winter 2014 bohemian collection has beautiful Wrap Around Skirts, patchwork skirts , and more. And we now have some fabulous boho skirts in XL or Plus sizes as well to prep you for Summer 2015!
Items are delicately packed and orders shipped within 24 hours. Low overheads and margins help to keep prices really low. Shipping is minimal. You can also sign up for periodic special discount coupons. Overall we strive to put together a great deal for our very happy and satisfied customers and send discount coupons to our regular customers whose number is fast growing.
We do not believe great fashionable clothing has to be very expensive. Carry many of these items well, and trust us you get a bang for your buck. You may find similar long skirts and bags sells at big department stores and fashion boutiques for unbelievably high prices. When you shop with us, you buy directly from the manufacturer, so you can enjoy direct global sourcing and thus best prices.

The Little Bazaar: Shop for ethnic and trendy long skirts, bohemian skirts, jewelry, purses, bags, stoles, shawls. Best Value at Best Prices for bohemian or hippie look long skirts and bags.

Best Selling: Long Wrap Skirts, Patchwork Skirts, College shoulder bags and bohemian purses, Summer Cotton Long Skirts with patchwork

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