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Returns Policy

Including how to do returns and exchanges

Customer satisfaction is the most important corner-stone. By and large, we accept fair returns, no questions asked*.
(To know HOW to make a return, please see the next section below)
Our request: We trust you, and know you must have a good reason to want to return something.
  • You can make returns within one year of the purchase. Actually, more than that is fine too!
  • * We'd expect that the merchandise will be shipped back to us in new like condition with tags. We are a small business, and not a department store, so we cannot accept returns of items that have been worn, washed, 'worn just for a day', etc. We highly encourage you to try our styles, but please be considerate and not order five pieces to eventually keep only one! This helps us to keep prices low for you! And yes, any product defects should be reported within two days of receiving. See more about defects in FAQ #30
  • Will appreciate if you can let us know as soon as possible that you will be returning. That helps us to know better what to do when we receive the returned package.
Return Credit: We will credit back the corresponding item amount to the original mode of payment once we receive the return package. We use PayPal for original payments as well as returns. If your return is after 90 days, Paypal does not process the refund, so we can only provide you a credit for an exchange. We do not have access to your payment information. Note that we do NOT deduct 3% or so Payment Processing charges when we issue refunds for returns.
It may take up to a week to process the return/exchange once we receive it back. Please also see this.
Shipping Charges:
  • Sorry, we do not pay for, or refund, the shipping charges incurred by you to ship back the return or exchange. We do not provide a label.
  • If you would like to do an exchange, shipping will be free when we send the exchange to you (up to two items, in the US) (see details below).
  • In case you get a totally different item number by mistake, we will ship you the correct one for free and send a prepaid return label as well (or we may request you to ship, and refund the return shipping). Please see the exceptions below to understand that mere differences in appearance is not a wrong item.
  • Sorry, we will not be able to refund the original Shipping charges.
  • If you provided us an incorrect address or the shipper cannot deliver to your address for any reason and the package is returned back to us, we can ship again once you have paid for re-shipping. Please also see this link (#28 FAQ) on the undeliverable packages.
Exceptions: Sorry, we will not be able to do return/exchange in some cases:
  • There is no return/exchange on Clearance items, items marked on 'Sale' (in red) or ones marked as FINAL SALES in description. These are all Final Sales. If you happen to send back such an item by mistake or otherwise, we will not issue a refund, and the item will be donated.
  • The items have been used. For example, if you want to return a large number of skirts that you bought for a performance and want to return them after wearing them for just a day at the performance/event (yes, they have been used!). Or, if you washed them before the first use, they cannot be returned. If you ordered a size that does not work for you, tried it on, and it got damaged in the process, it cannot be returned. Sorry we are not a big box retailer, and our pricing does not consider these scenarios.
  • Majority of our styles are handmade. There can be differences in patchwork, embroidery, color tone, tie-dye pattern, color of stripes/patches, order of stripes/patches, shine, etc., or even differences in size measurements with respect to size labels. While these items can surely be returned, these differences do not qualify as 'wrong item' or 'not as described' (and hence we will not provide free return shipping. Please also see this.).
  • If we receive a return that is not eligible, we will donate it.
Exchange: If you would like to do an exchange, we will refund you the difference (or send you a payment link if price of the exchanged item is higher) and will ship it to you for free. Please note that if your purchase is not eligible for a return, it cannot be exchanged. See 'Our Request' above.

International: Due to high shipping charges, we do not do exchanges with orders shipped outside of the US. If you would like to return something, and pay for the shipping charges, you can. Shipping charges are not refunded. If we clearly sent an incorrect item number (not based on patchwork, color differences, fit or any other reason that you may want to return them as usually could happen in case of a US based purchase - please see Exceptions above) we will not ship again, but will work with you to find an amicable solution, but at our final discretion. Unless you are willing to pay for return shipping, International sales are final sales. If you do send a return, and we are charged Customs Tax/Fees, we will deduct it from your product return. Please check more on International Shipping and Returns here. Please also see this.

Feel free to contact us regarding any specific details.
In case you need to make a return, please send us a message or email to notify of the return. We may be able to offer you exchange or other options.
Address:Our return address is noted on the Packing Slip included with your package. If you have lost it, just ask for it via email. We do NOT provide a shipping label.
Identification:If possible, include the Packing Slip or a piece of paper with your email used for ordering. You can also include our Order Number (included on the Packing Slip or Shipping Notification email), or Paypal Transaction ID (from your order email or Paypal account) for identification and refund processing of your returned package. In any case please clearly write your name on the return package.
Packaging:You may use our original packaging if its still usable, or use new packaging. We suggest you use a simple, small package to keep the shipping cost low.
We will appreciate if you take care that the item does not get damaged during shipment!
Mailing Service: You can use any mailing service to send the return package. Within US, USPS generally works best from pricing perspective, but you can use Fedex or UPS. Just make sure there is a tracking number to track the return package.
We request you to send the returns respectfully. These are handmade items, many times delicate. Sometimes we get returns where the clothes are just thrown into a package, with no attempt to even fold them or put back in the plastic. We are sorry they didn't work for you, but also sorry to say that this attitude towards them is disrespectful towards the artisans or people who made these and got them to you, and this is NOT appreciated.
Exchanges: We will be very happy to work with you to figure what may work for you in terms of a different design, or size. You can treat us like an online 'boutique'!
Free exchange Shipping: If you would like to do an exchange, we ship back to you for free (US only). You pay for shipping it out to us, and we pay for shipping it back to you (we will ship via the standard USPS option).

If there is a difference in amount, we will refund you the difference (or send you a link to pay for the differencee if price of the exchanged item is higher).

Coupons are not applicable on Exchanges

Exchanges are subject to availability of items upon receiving the return. We cannot reserve an item for exchange. So please ship back for exchange as soon as possible.

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