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Frequently Asked Questions (that explain our terms):
  • What if the item I like is sold out?

  • Many of our items are hand made or made in cottage industry so they are unique or in limited quantities. Once they are sold out, it may take some time to get same or similar items back in stock. And sometimes, for some categories (like patchwork) the products are so unique that you just can not find the exact same item at this store, or for that matter, anywhere else. However you may be able to find another similar looking bag or skirt that you can choose. If you like something, we'd suggest not to wait too long as it may sell out soon. We do keep getting new inventory or designs at frequent intervals. If you would like to sign up to be notified when new things arrive, please sign up with your email (we do not use your email ID for any other purpose whatsover). Please sign up on the left bottom of our home-page.

  • What is your return policy?

  • Customer satisfaction is the most important corner-stone. By and large, we accept returns, no questions asked.
    Our request: We trust you, and know you must have a good reason, if you want to return something. Will appreciate if you can let us know as soon as possible that you will be returning. We'd expect that the merchandise will be shipped back to us in new like condition with tags.
    Return Shipping:Sorry, we do not pay for, or refund, shipping charges incurred by you to ship back the return. Please package it using the original shipping box, or we suggest you use a simple, small packaging to keep the shipping cost low.
    Return Credit: We will credit back the corresponding item amount once we receive the return package. Please do add delivery confirmation to your return package so that it can be tracked.
    Shipping:Original Shipping charges are not refunded. If you exchange, we ship back to you for free (see below). In case of 'Free Shipping' specials, we reserve the right to subtract corresponding shipping amount from any refund issued. In case you get a wrong item, we will ship you the correct one and refund return shipping.
    Exceptions: Sorry, we will not be able to do return/exchange in some cases, for example, if you want to return a large number of skirts that you bought for a performance at a discount.
    Additionally, there is no return/exchange on Clearance items (they are Final sales). Also, we do not usually accept returns on items marked on 'Sale' (in red). Exchange: If you would like to do an exchange, we will refund you the difference (or issue an invoice if price of the exchanged item is higher) and will ship it to you for free (the Returns process above still remains valid).

    Feel free to contact us regarding any specific details.

  • How to I check my Order Status?

  • You can find your order status by using your 'EMAIL' (used while placing the Order) and the 'DATE' of the order. This is where you can check the order status, as well as track the shipment. Please note that we do not store your information, so do not ask you to create an account.

  • How can I search for, or find what I am looking for?

  • You can search on the phrase that could describe what you are looking for; or, if you know the item or style number (which is a four digit number on top of every item page), you can search based on that. We have also created speacial pages to help you look for what you need. Please check this page for search.

  • How to I do a return?

  • In case you need to make a return, please send us an email to notify of the return (as mentioned above).
    Address:Our return address is noted on the Packing Slip included with your package. If you have lost it, just ask for it via email.
    Identification:If possible, include the Packing Slip or a piece of paper with our Order Number (included on the Packing Slip or Shipping Notification email), or Paypal Transaction ID (from your order email or Paypal account) for identification of your returned package. In any case please clearly write your name on the return package.
    Packaging:You may use our packaging if its still usable, or use new packaging. We will appreciate if you take care that the item does not get damaged during shipment!
    Mailing Service: You can use any mailing service to send the return package. Within US, USPS generally works best from pricing perspective, but you can use Fedex or UPS. Just make sure there is a tracking number to track the return package. For example, USPS Delivery Confirmation service (Free when you ship online with Priority Mail or $0.75 at a Post Office).

  • Free Delivery Confirmation and Tracking

  • We include free Delivery Confirmation service with every order shipped. You will get an email with Tracking number as soon as the package is shipped. Please contact us if you would like to purchase additional insurance. Please feel free to contact us if you have not received the shipment after ten days of placing the order. United States Postal Service ensures that the package is duly delivered at your address, especially when there is a Delivery Confirmation. We do verify the Shipping Address with the USPS database to make sure that its a valid address, and can reach out to you in case the address needs to be confirmed.

  • Do we ship outside of US? Which Shipping Option should I choose?

  • We gladly ship to anywhere in the world. Please choose International First Class Mail Shipping option on the checkout page (its in USD; if you require, for currency conversion use this online calculator). This is a service of United States Postal Service (USPS).

    We do regularly send packages to the UK, other European countries, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, etc. Using International First Class Mail service, packages have reached in time, and safely. Note that this option does NOT include delivery confirmation and insurance.

    Canada: For the way USPS shipping rates work for Canada, if you are ordering 1 or 2 items, please select International Shipping Option. If you are ordering more than 2, then choose US Domestic Shipping Option. In either case we will refund or bill you via an online invoice for the difference from the actual shipping charges (if significant). We have done this to keep the costs minimum for you.

  • For any specific questions, including on bulk international shipping (including Canada), please contact us and we try to respond very quickly to let you know of actual shipping.
    If you inadvertently choose US Domestic Shipping option for an International Order, we would usually send you an online invoice for the difference.

    Also need delivery confirmation and insurance?
    : Sometimes, some people do prefer International Priority Mail service of USPS, which includes delivery confirmation and ample insurance. Here is a sample shipping cost for delivery of standard one-item package to the UK, Canada or Australia via Priority Mail:
    • USPS International Priority Mail (6-10 days) - USD 22.50 (Includes delivery confirmation and insurance)
    For most part Priority mail is not required. But for peace of mind, some people prefer Priority as its much safer.
    Keeping this in mind, you could go ahead and place your order online and follow up with an email - this way reserving your item(s) of choice. We can then invoice you for the additional shipping (depending on the weight of the actual order package and country) within a few hours and then send the Priority package as soon as the invoice has been paid.

  • How is the combined shipping calculated?

  • We completely understand the buyer expectation with combined shipping and would be more than willing to pass on any shipping savings. We have this calculation that automatically determines combined shipping on check-out:
    We take the shipping methods that are valid for all items in the cart. Take the calculated shipping of item with highest shipping, and add to that a percentage (50-90%) of the calculated shipping for all other items. In any case, combined shipping will always be less than sum of shipping for all items in the cart. If you have any questions or concerns on combined shipping of if special shipping requirements are required please feel free to send an email.

  • Shipping international (outside of the US) when using Free Shipping Special

  • Please select the International Shipping Option on the Checkout page. We apologize but we are unable to provide Free Shipping to our International customers. However, we will send you a Discount code for 10% off your order (not including shipping) that you can use for your next order.
    If your shipping address is International and you chose Free Shipping, we will send you an invoice for the actual Shipping amount. The order will ship out once the invoice is paid.

  • How soon is the order shipped? Where do you ship from?

  • We make every effort to ship out the item on the day the order is received. We ship from Dublin, California, which is a suburb of San Francisco. We do make a special effort to ship out Priority Mail orders. Shipping is only constrained in case of a designated USPS holiday, or a Sunday.
    If for some reason we anticipate a delay in when the order can be shipped out, it is notified before the order is placed. Note that if an item is not listed as "Sold Out", it is available in stock. And once the order is placed, it is reserved against the order (even if the shipping is delayed).

  • Where do you obtain the Shipping Address from? How do I change it?

  • There can be two situations:
    1) You signed into your Paypal account to make the Payment: The shipping address is taken from the default shipping address on your Paypal account. You can modify this address before confirming the payment.
    2) You do not have (or want to use) a Paypal account, and clicked on "Don't have a PayPal account?" option - You will be prompted to enter your shipping address (along with the payment information).

  • What if I give a wrong shipping address, inadvertently?

  • If you realize that the shipping address was incorrect after the package has been shipped, or do not even realize that the address was wrong (or outdated, old one you had in your Paypal profile) - the USPS would normally send the packet back to us as undelivered. In such cases we will attempt to contact you via email three times over around three days. When we get notified of the new addess, we will ship the packet again. If we don't hear back in three attempts, we will refund back the amount, minus shipping.

  • Paypal wont let me use my Visa. What can I do?

  • You could try the following two things to see if that allows you to use your Credit Card to make a purchase:
    1) Do not "Sign In" to Paypal to make the purchase: When you reach the payment page after clicking the "Buy Now" button, there is option down there that reads "Don't have a PayPal account?" You can click there to make payment as a Paypal guest. You will be asked for Credit Card and shipping information. This is a simple, standalone payment, and does not effect your Paypal account, if you have one.
    2) "Sign In" to Paypal: Use your Paypal balance or a Credit Card you have on file with them to pay for your purchase. Paypal will use your shipping address on file, but will let you change it as well.

  • Can I phone in an order?

  • Absolutely. We do encourage to order online, but should you want to order on phone, please call on at the number of the Contact Page seven days a week from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM PST and ask for The Little Bazaar.

  • How can I save items for future use? Can I create a Wishlist or email my Shopping Basket?

  • You can forward your Shopping Basket to your email. Please provide your email at the botton of Shopping Basket. You can send as many Baskets as you want. You will get an email with a link to your Basket.
    Please note that if you come back to your shopping basket from your email later, but one or more of styles have sold out, that style will no longer be in the Basket.

  • What about Sales Tax?

  • Our business is located out of California. Applicable CA Sales Tax (approx 9.5% for 2015/2016) will be charged at the final stage before the Payment is made. Till June 2015, we used to cover the sales tax for CA buyers. Sorry, we no longer pay sales tax on behalf of our California customers.

  • Customer Registration and Privacy

  • We don't ask you to register with us as a Customer so that your shopping with us doesn't have to mean yet another userid and password to remember, or to leave out there somewhere on the internet. For Payment, we rely on your use of Paypal, which also provides an option to pay via your Credit Card even if you are not registered with Paypal. There is no chance of your financial information getting compromised as it never even gets to us.
    Because we don't ask users to login, any internet user browses through the website completely anonymously. As a result, we are not able to record any preferences or show specific products - according highest levels of privacy.
    We could use your email id to send you a rare promotion email with or without a discount coupon, with a link to remove you from this list.
    If you came to this site clicking a Google Ad, and made a purchase, we may be able to track the Ad click as part of Google Analytics Tools.
    You can see our full Privacy Policy.

  • Order and Shipping notification

  • Payment confirmation will be sent the moment a payment is received by Paypal. We will notify you of order/shipping status at your Paypal email ID as necessary.

  • How do Order and Payment processes work? Is customer information secure?

  • We use industry standard and highly popular Paypal for these. The shopping cart information is passed to Paypal, which asks you to log into your Paypal account, or asks for your address and credit card information on its secured servers to process the payment and confirm the order.

  • I don't have a Paypal account? Can I still place an order using a Credit Card?

  • Yes. Paypal lets you process your order and payment even if you don't have an account with them. You will be asked to provide your address and credit card information as a one time transaction. You do NOT need to open a Paypal Account.

  • Want to order more than one quantity of any item?

  • Many of our items are unique, so the shopping cart will only accept one quantity of the item in the order. Even when we do have more quantity of the same item, we encourage only one item per order. If you need more, please contact us directly.

  • You have given the sizes in inches. How do I know what size they are?

  • Women's sizes are divided into various types, depending on height. For example, "Misses' sizes", "Miss Petite", "Women's sizes". As far as possible, we physically take measurements and provide that in the listing details. We advise you to refer to this Women's sizes article from Wikipedia to determine what would work best for you. Unfortunately our online catalog is not structured according to sizes - this is due to the fact that most of the merchandize is hand-crafted, from cottage industry, and/or recycled fabric for patchwork; so its just not possible to produce specific or consistent sizes all the time.

  • How do I get more information on an item?

  • Just send us an email, or call us. Not only for this, but for any other question you may have on any aspect.

  • Can you advise me on what may work for me?

  • Sure. We do see some of you call us, or write to us, just to check if something could work for you. We will be happy to provide you suggestions, and help you decide.

  • Are the colors and dimensions exactly same as in the picture and description? What about material/fabric?

  • We take pictures and dimensions of the actual products in stock. However, note that the colors in pictures are dependent on lighting conditions, and other aspects. For example, some fabrics may reflect light, and hence appear brighter/vary-in-shade in pictures. Also, the colors you see depend on your computer/device monitor.
    Every tie-dye product can get a little unique due to the very nature of the tie-dye process - and may sometimes as well vary a little from what you see in pictures. Same for patchwork apparel - patches cannot be exactly same on each piece.

    We also take actual dimensions of a sample of the lot; in a rare case there may be a variation of up to 1-2 inches for the fact that each piece is individually cut and stitched, and not mass produced by machines. Please bear with these variations.

    Material/Fabric - Much like online purchase from anywhere else, its difficult to understand the fabric or material of construction until one can actually see, touch and feel it. We try our best to describe it. However there is just staggering type of fabric available, and it even changes from a style to another style, batch to batch, etc. No words can really describe what it is, especially coming from cottage/small industry where production volumes are very low, and type of fabric used depends on season, cotton cost, availability, etc.

  • Can you tell more about the sequin work?

  • The sequin work on cotton tie-dye skirts is a temporary embellishment. Its a cottage industry art, and is done by hands. The sequins are hand sewn in rather loosely, and you can expect to wear the skirt with sequins a couple of times, and then they would tend to fall; at which point, its a good idea to take out the sequins and wear the skirt as a simple tie-dye style.
    On some other styles like when they are on on silk or rayon, the sequin work is a bit more well done, and will last longer. In some cases you will notice very even machine stitch on rayon, where they will last longer.
    Caution: The sequins can be a little abrasive in some cases, and care should be exercised in wearing or handling them.

  • Can you keep me updated when you add new designs or update sold out inventory?

  • You can sign up for email updates (left-bottom of our home page). Best is to follow us on Twitter, or connect as a friend on Facebook where we provide updates as new designs get added, or when any sold out inventory is available again.

  • I saw a design months back and can't find it anymore. How can I find it?

  • If you know the number, use the 'Find Item' search box on the top right of the Home Page. You can also go to the page with sitemap of old designs if you know the number, or remember a bit of title description. If the style is sold out but we have not taken it off because we can potentially get some additional quantity, you can see the sitemap pictures here - there is also a link there to see all pictures ever on sale at our store.

  • How do I get a discount or promotion code?

  • Once in a few months, or during a campaign, we email discount coupons/promotional codes to our customers/patrons. Sometimes they could be available on internet forums, etc. Most of the codes have an expiration date.
    You could also Like our Facebook page as sometimes we publish discount coupons there. We encourage you to connect to us as a friend on Facebook for product and coupon code updates.

  • Can I order in wholesale quantities, at wholesale prices?

  • We do not carry wholesale quantities. In fact, some of our products are so unique that there is only one of a kind made. On an item by item basis, we may be able to procure larger quantities for you at discounted prices. As a first step, please email us the item numbers of our products that you may want, and we will get back to you in case we could work it out for you.

  • Where is my call routed to, when I call you?

  • Your calls are routed to our office in Dublin, California. They are not routed to an offshore location.

  • Are custom duties or import fees included in the price for our international customers?

  • We follow the standard practice of international shipping of internet based orders:

    "Orders that are shipped to countries outside of the U.S. may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees levied by the destination country ("Import Fees"). The recipient of an international shipment may be subject to such Import Fees, which are levied once a shipment reaches your country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by the recipient; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; you should contact your local customs office for further information. When customs clearance procedures are required, it can cause delays beyond our original delivery estimates."

    That said, we have only once encountered a situation where a customer reported that any additional amount had to be paid during the delivery of the order (pretty nominal). But the possibility is there, and hence its important for our international (outside of US) customers to note this.

  • Are there any other terms?

  • Special offers may be subject to cancellation at any time. If a particular item that is ordered is no longer available for any reason, we reserve the right to offer an alternative but similar item, or immediately refund the payment. We reserve the right to annul any order and refund full amount. For any clarification on terms and condition, please contact us.

  • What is your Copyright policy?

  • We do not allow use of pictures or content for commercial purposes. More details are available on the Copyright policy page.

  • What is your Brand name?

  • We sell under the brand name of TLB. We either manufacture our products through our associates, or source them through small manufacturers or wholesellers.

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  • This FAQ was last updated on Jan 25, 2016

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