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Shipping Policy

Including International Shipping Options

Orders received by 11:00 AM Pacific Time are shipped out on the same day.
  • If you have an urgency, please order Priority Mail, and reach out to us. We are happy to make a special effort.
  • Shipping is only constrained in case of a designated USPS holiday, or a Sunday.
  • COVID Update (March 2021): International Shipping via United States Postal Service is normal, however we have seen some delays for France, Germany and Australia. We recommend ordering four or so items together as beyond a certain weight, we can upgrade First Class shipping service at the same cost to USPS Priority Mail service, which then includes insurance and tracking.
We ship from Dublin, California, which is a suburb of San Francisco, in the United States of America (Zip code 94568)

Shipping Times

The following are average shipping times:

Shipping Address Time (in days)
West US 1-2
Mid-West US 2-3
East and South US 3-4
Hawaii 3-5
Canada 5-7
Other countries 7-14 (rarely, it may take up to 30 days)
We gladly ship to anywhere in the world. Please choose International First Class Mail Shipping option on the checkout page
(its in USD; if you require, for currency conversion use this online calculator). This is a service of United States Postal Service (USPS).

We do regularly send packages to the UK, other European countries, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, etc. Using International First Class Mail service, packages have reached in time, and safely. Note that this option does NOT include delivery confirmation and insurance.

Canada: For the way USPS shipping rates work for Canada, if you are ordering 1 or 2 items (less than 2 lbs), please select 'International First Class (Canada only)' option. If you are ordering more than 2, then choose US Domestic Shipping Option. In either case we will refund or bill you via an online invoice for the difference from the actual shipping charges (if significant). We have done this to keep the costs minimum for you.
Customs: Any package more than 4 lbs only goes Priority mail, and then the only option is for Customs to be handled by the receiver. For less than that there is an option to pre-pay USD 6.95 as a flat rate Customs for Canada. In some cases, we may contact you for your preferred option.

  • For any specific questions, including on bulk international shipping (including Canada), please contact us and we will try to respond as soon as possible to let you know of the actual shipping cost.
    It's a rule of International Shipping that Customs, if any, are to be paid by the receiver, upon being contacted by the local carrier.

    We charge international shipping by actuals:
    If you inadvertently choose US Domestic Shipping option for an International Order, we would usually send you an online invoice link to pay for the the difference. We may also send you an invoice link in case of bulkier items like jackets, shoes, woolen, etc. where the regular shipping is not covering the cost. The order will be shipped once the difference has been paid, or you can choose to cancel the order.
  • INTERNATIONAL PRIORITY MAIL: Sometimes, some people do prefer International Priority Mail service of USPS, which includes delivery confirmation and ample insurance. Here is a sample shipping cost for delivery of standard one-item package to the UK, Canada or Australia via Priority Mail:
    • USPS International Priority Mail - 2 lbs (6-10 days) - USD 45.00 (Includes delivery confirmation and insurance)
    For most part Priority mail is not required. But for peace of mind, some people prefer Priority as its much safer.
    Keeping this in mind, you could go ahead and place your order online and follow up with an email - this way reserving your item(s) of choice. We can then invoice you for the additional shipping (depending on the weight of the actual order package and country) within a few hours and then send the Priority package as soon as the invoice has been paid.
    We are in the US and we do ship internationally, including the UK everyday. Usual shipping times are 10-14 business days.
    Please pick the International First Class Mail (UK, Australia ..etc) shipping at checkout.
    International shipping rates for the UK and Europe are charged on a weight basis approximately:
    0-2 pounds: $30.50 (one to two styles)
    2-3 pounds: $41.50 (two to 4 styles)
    (2021 rates)

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