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Sizing Information

Sizing Charts

The size for a particular dress, skirt, etc. is mentioned in the description of the item.

It is a known fact that there is no standard women's sizing, but below is our general fit guide. We sell a range of outfits, from handmade clothing to known brands, and make every attempt to provide sizing information with the specific item description. In majority of the cases, we physically measure the outfits and then provide the sizing in inches in their description. If you would like to understand what these mean in terms of "standard" sizing, please use the following size charts:

A note on how our waist sizes work: If you use a measuring tape on the waist around where you like to wear you pants/skirt/shorts and say, it's 33 inches: anything where the waist is described with a couple of inches more or less would work. Our one size waist is usually 26 to 36 inches (Small through Large). So at 33 inches, it would work great. If your waist is 35/36 inches, you could wear it, but it won't be ideal or comfortable. If your waist is 24 inches, you can still wear it if a particular style has a drawstring. Waist is only one part, you should also look at the hips and legs, and a look at the product's picture would give you a fair idea.
Please note that these are handmade pieces made by different people, so inconsistencies in measurements are always possible.

Standard Sizing Focus on Size, e.g. L and measurement in inches for waist, i.e. 32.5 to 36 inches
Size Numeric Size Bust Waist Hip
XXS 0 33" 25.5" 35"
XS 2 34" 26.5" 36"
S 4 35" 27.5" 37"
6 36" 28.5" 38"
M 8 37" 29.5" 39"
10 38" 32" 40"
L 12 39.5" 32.5" 41.5"
14 41" 36" 43"
XL 16 42.5" 36.5" 44.5"
18 44" 40" 46"
XXL 20 45.5" 40.5" 47.5"
22 47" 44" 49"
(these are measurements generally understood for Size and Numeric Size. This does NOT mean, for example, that if size L of a garment will fit your waist at 36 inches, that it will also fit hips 43 inches. We do not provide hip measurements of our items.)
Free Size or Flexible Waist for Wrap-arounds: Typically Fits Size S through L or even up to XXL (maximum inches, if mentioned, is the actual measurement of a sample; check that against the 'Waist' in the tables.)
Free Size is generally from S to L, but it may or may not fit you depending on your body type. With our handmade outfits, free sizes can vary.

For the Tops with Stretch fabric, the Bust measurement is the average of no stretch to max stretch

This sizing chart is not valid for Accessories, Bags, Jewelry, etc.

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