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Hippie 'counterculture' Skirts!

Looking for Hippie Skirts? What defines a skirt as a hippie skirt?
Mandara Uneven Hem Cotton Patchwork Skirt
Patchwork Bondi Blue Embroidered Boho Skirt
Revol Wine Berry Tie Dye Skirt
Hippie SkirtWear something not made by big brands. Something unique, sewn, handcrafted with a new age look.Something to express yourself in your own style. Like some patchworks. No synthetics, only cotton. Bright colors. That's Hippie.
Hippie Casual Peasant Summer Festival Skirt
Solid Patchwork Skirt with Applique Pockets
Forever Fun Floral Printed Asymmetrical Skirt
Hippie SkirtSomething natural but flambouyant. Loose fitting - like not measured and made for you. Casual tie dye for casual days, and colorful, striking for those odd ones where you want to make a statement. That's when you feel hippie.
Boho Tie Dyed Hippie Maxi Full Long Skirt Dress
Bossanova Hippie Long Skirt
Copper Rose Soft Long Wrap Skirt
Hippie SkirtAccessorize with beads, flowers, embroidery, paint. This is your chance to amplify the Hippie effect. Run as a Hippie.
Revol Wine Berry Tie Dye Skirt
Matisse Hippie Razor Skirt
Roma Bohemian Wrap Long Skirt
Hippie SkirtChoose other clothing carefully. More coud be said of the Hippie tops and jackets than the skirts. But flowy gypsy skirts is an option. Even men wore Hippie Skirts. Lastly, find the footwear, belts, headwear that goes with the look.
Tie Dye Hippie Pants with Crochet Yoke
Torea Bay Zig Zag Hem Tie Dye Top
Boho Hippie Tie Dye Wide-Leg Long Gaucho Pant
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Did you know the difference between a Hippie and a Gypsy?
A hippie desires peace while a gypsy desires freedom.
Hippies are drawn to vivid and bright colors. Gypsies lean towards darker, richer colors.
Gypsy and Roma portray the 'Ethnical Background' while Bohemians and Hippies tend to convey the 'Social Background'.
Gypsy carries a historical background that gives reason for their political outlook and leisure appearance, where as Hippie strives towards political independence but out of their own choice and their appearance being adjusted towards their advertised lifestyle - hippies wanted to promote the thought of selfrealization.
Historically, the Gypsies or Romanis originate from the northwest of India in 800 - 1000 AD, spread to Europe; The Hippies originated from San Francisco in the 1960s, the hippie movement questioned the ideals of wealth the middle class carried at that time and propagandized an outlook on life that is free from restrictions and civil taboos.
Today in Fashion and Music, The Roma / The Gypsies, The Bohemians, The Hippies all mean the same, they intend to capture a certain attitude towards life, politics and art; and are used as fashion inspiration all over the world.
Wraps Midis Maxis High Lows Wraps Midis Maxis High Lows
Sustainable, chic, colorful Sustainable, chic, colorful
Bohemian Tie Dye Skirt Styles Bohemian Tie Dye Skirt Styles
Palazzo Split Skirt Lounge Styles Palazzo Split Skirt Lounge Styles
Pretty Boho chic Beach Designs Pretty Boho chic Beach Designs
Embroidered, Colorfuly Fashionable Embroidered, Colorfuly Fashionable
Shoulder, Messenger, Ethnic Shoulder, Messenger, Ethnic
Graceful to Eclectic Graceful to Eclectic
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White Summer Cotton Tunic Top

White Summer Cotton Tunic Top

Spring in Bloom Full Short Skirt

Spring in Bloom Full Short Skirt

Boho Peasant Chic Dress

Boho Peasant Chic Dress

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Our cotton long skirts have been very popular for last three years, and they sold hot this past summer as well. The Fringed long skirt and Gaucho pant designs are so unique that often even we don't carry more than a couple. So if you like one, grab it before its too late. The Winter 2016 bohemian collection has beautiful Wrap Around Skirts, patchwork skirts , and more. And we now have some fabulous boho skirts in XL or Plus sizes as well to prep you for this season!

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Items are delicately packed and orders shipped from San Francisco within 24 hours. Low overheads and margins help to keep prices really low. Shipping is minimal. You can also sign up for periodic special discount coupons. Overall we strive to put together a great deal for our very happy and satisfied customers and send discount coupons to our regular customers whose number is fast growing.

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We do not believe great fashionable clothing has to be very expensive. Carry many of these items well, and trust us you get a bang for your buck. You may find similar long skirts and bags sells at big department stores and fashion boutiques for unbelievably high prices. When you shop with us, you buy directly from the manufacturer, so you can enjoy direct global sourcing and thus best prices.

Welcome to our little bazaar!! We take great pride in our little store because we sell hand picked designer fashion mostly hand crafted merchandise. Everything we sell is meant to make you look and feel special, vibrant, HAPPY and cheerful. Thats why we love bright colors and fancy patterns and that is reflected in all we sell. Take a look at our unique collection and see for yourself......and do peek at our commitment to sustainable fashion clothing.

There's a little Bohemian in all of us! Our stylish and trendy Bohemian Chic Skirt Collection is perfect for the women of today who has an eye on the past! This vintage-look bohemian clothing collection features rich tonal pinks and purples with golden accents.

We offer a distinctive and sophisticated collection of exquisitely sequined evening wraps, embroidered stoles and uniquely woven paisley stoles. We also have hand-embroidered and beaded and a new category of sequined handbags and some exquisite jewelry. We specialize in designer items with a sophisticated flair tastefully fashioned in exceptional colors. Many of our designs are inspired from the streets of Hollywood and made to order. Others are selectively hand picked to ensure creative designs and superior quality.

The Little Bazaar: Shop for ethnic and trendy long skirts, bohemian skirts, jewelry, purses, bags, stoles, shawls. Best Value at Best Prices for bohemian or hippie look long skirts and bags.

Best Selling: Long Wrap Skirts, Patchwork Skirts, College shoulder bags and bohemian purses, Summer Cotton Long Skirts with patchwork

Shop for ethnic and trendy skirts, clothes, jewelry, purses, bags, stoles, long skirts, shawls

Best Value at Best Prices for bohemian or hippie look clothing, skirts and bags

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