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Bohemian Beaded, Sequins and Mirror Work Golden Hand Purse Bohemian Beaded, Sequins and Mirror Work Golden Hand Purse







Bohemian Beaded, Sequins and Mirror Work Golden Hand Purse
Beautiful Designer Golden Hand Embroidered Purse with Beads, Sequins and Mirrors.

Ask anyone in the Los Angeles Fashion District - the 'cool' fashion statement for 2005-2006 is incomplete without an Indo-American fashion accessory like this fusion purse in your hands.

The purse is BRAND NEW wrapped and packaged from Hollywood California! Each piece is a little different, and little unique.

You will LOVE this purse. This purse is extremely nice in person. It has received so many compliments from whoever has bought it. Many celebs around town have been seen with the same style purse.

This purse bag could work well as a Bohemian or even an evening gear. It has intricate hand embroidery interlaced with sequins, beads and mirrors. The looks are indeed very rich and trendy. Your search for a Designer-Inspired Handbag under $75 can end here.

Make up:

This evening bag/purse has intricate hand embroidery interlaced with sequins, beads and mirrors. The hand embroidery is in multiple colors all over the purse including the handle. The base material is golden polyester satin. The dominant colors of the embroidery on one side are Red and Green, the beads are grey and the sequins are golden. The colors of the embroidery on the other side are Red, Green, Blue and White with grey bead and golden sequins. There is a variation in the pattern on the front and back and looks very chic. There is a zipper on top and it has a soft thin golden satin lining on the inside. Look at the intricate design in the picture below. The length of the purse is about 10.5 inches of which depth of the bag portion is 5.5 inches. The width is 10 inches.


Please remember that these are handmade items and therefore very delicate and need to be handled with utmost care.`At the same time it is almost impossible for machines to create the kind of intricate and fine work that artisans do to create such exquisite effects on fabric.

  • Give your ward-robe a fresh flavor with this must-have for this summer and fall

  • Give a traditional touch to any outfit, on any occasion.

  • It is an eye-catcher. Don`t be surprised if your friends compliment you and want to know where you got it.

Purses like this are very much in fashion this season. Walk down the mall and see them on display at almost every boutique and at big department stores. You can even see the stars carrying them on TV. Don`t miss to look at the hefty price tags. You may find that these purses retail at $80 or even higher at Macy`s, Nordstrom and some fashion boutiques.
Remember this bag is not a Chanel or a Coach, Gucci or Prada nor it is Tommy or Polo ' but if you carry it well you could still be making that fashion statement.
The bag is inspired and designed in Hollywood, and is manufactured to specifications in India.
Sold Out USD 13.99

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