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Indian 'subtleculture' Skirts!

Looking for Indian Skirts, shipped fast from within US? You may be looking for one of the following styles:

Wrap Around Ethnic Skirts: More common of Indian skirts, these are free size, meaning while they do have a certain length, they go around the waist in a wrap style. So it can potentially work for many waist sizes, just wrap a little less or more. And with a loose shirt, wear them a little high or up. Very flexible. Generally made of cotton, made in cottage industry. Solid cotton, beautiful prints but don't expect a super high end quality with under twenty dollars!
Check here for almost 200 of Wrap Around Skirt Styles, all ready to ship and get to you in two days! Or check out specific Sanganeri Print and Bagru Wrap Arounds.
Ethnic Floral Blue Brown Boho Cotton Wrap Skirt Indian Elephant Parade Wrap Around Skirt in Black and White Army Green Paisley Floral Wrap Around Skirt
Red Wrap Skirt with Printed Traditional Motifs Azteca Blue Long Wrap AroundIndian Skirt Serendipity Haze Blue Grey Indian Wrap Skirt
Navy Blue Tribal Elephant Print Wrap Around Skirt Indian Womens Cotton Skirt Navy Blue Wrap Skirt with Colorful Peacock Designs

Indian Silk Wraps: The assorted silk wrap trend started more recently. The wraps are made from original vintage sari material, so an ideal design that supports sustainable clothing and these not part of any ethnic clothing group. These Sari Print wraps are two-layered and made of viscose, which feels like silk. That is the reason these are also called Silk Wraps (or more appropriately faux-silk skirts). These are unique pieces, each is one-of-a-kind and are very smooth and flowing. You don`t get to choose the print or color or get, but you will love what you get!
Take a look at other outfits like Dresses, Trousers, etc. which are also sold as assorted, unique pieces for similar reasons.
Full Length Free-Spirit 2 Layer Saree Skirts 33 inches - Pack Of 3
Free-Spirit 2 Layer Saree Silk Skirts 15 inches - Pack Of 3

Cotton Prints: Where have all those classics gone? Plain cotton long skirts, nice lively prints, airy, comfortable cotton, free size, like those prairie skirts? Well, they still are there, and they come from India. Floral, pattern prints, bright and soft, elastic and/or a drawstring, long and mid, and short. Typically a border at the hem. Swirl nicely as you move. Pring purity of cotton to the skin, with some lining. Priced at a good level. That's cotton printed skirts.
Take a look at another of 200 such Printed Indian Skirt Styles, all ready for you!

Tie Dye Skirts: That's the way to get colorful. Tie Dye skirts from India have been an ever popular design. These cotton skirts are truely hand tie dyed, with small tie impressions that are there to see. The stitch abd quality has that abandon quality to it. Usually the body of the skirt is swirly abandon. Usually these two two color, but sometimes can be tri or more colors, with an ombre effect. There are other types of dying in this category, like dip dying. Marble, acid wash, and ice wash tie dye are also pretty popular. Some designs are done in a more nuanved way when it comes to the colors. Sequins are often found on these skirts, but the original Indian Tie Dye skirts, the sequins are very ready come out. They hang in there with a thread. The idea is to use sequins when new, and after a couple of wears, either stick them in yourself, or just let them fall or remove them. The sizing is again pretty free, with a typical elastic on the waist.
Ready to add some color to your wardrobe? See almost 100 different Tie Dye Skirt Designs

Tie Dye Wrappers: Now that's where you add a true bohemian or hippie touch to the Indian skirts. Made usually in Nepal, these skirts are astonishing - if this is a style you like, they are very unique offerings you are not going to find anywhere else easily. The tie dye or thread dye is done as an art. Usually these are full length tie dye wrappers, with a belt that ties around. The cotton cloth fabric has a stretch - like what you would find in a men's white undershirt. Some are a viscose or a blend - and those ones have a nice fall. Extremely unique designs, they are a signature offering from The Little Bazaar. Some of our best sellers come from this style.
Check here to preview almost 25 different Tie Dye Wrap Skirt Designs, colorful, different, zesty!

Patchwork Skirts: These are prairy skirts that dorn alternative print fabrics, but also a plethora of designs that are simply hippie patchwork, and also go all out as sustianable styles that reuse fabric. Very colorful. Some also have a tie dye effect, some have very ethnic embroidery.
If you like the patchwork pattern, do you need to see more than 150 styles to choose one? Just check it ou here.

Sequined Skirts: Traditional Indian Jaipur skirts, these are rayon single color skirts, with paisley print, and sequin work dorning the print. They were very popular a couple or more years ago. Fans swear by this style even now. The blacks, the whites, the reds and the blues, all have been very popular. Again, a style that is street wear - no big $s, no big quality promises.
Check more of such beautifil Sequined Indian Long Skirts, like about a 100 designs, right here.

Plus Size Wrap Skirts: Let's talk of sizing of the Indian Wrap Skirts. For Regular waist, the waist, since it's a wrap, is pretty forgiving. The length can be from 37" usual to about 41" in some cases. Now if the typical 44 inches end to end wrap is not going to be your fit, most (and really most!) of these wraps won't work. And this is end to end length of the waist, you typically want to leave at least 8-10 inches overlap, so we are talking usual size of upto Large US Waist size at most. Beyond that you would like an XXL or Plus size waist wrap, which will then cover from 1X, 2X, 3X and may be 4X. Here are some designs which are available in plus size, or you may want to check out more plus size clothing
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Wraps Midis Maxis High Lows Wraps Midis Maxis High Lows
Sustainable, chic, colorful Sustainable, chic, colorful
Indian Tie Dye Skirt Styles Indian Tie Dye Skirt Styles
Palazzo Split Skirt Lounge Styles Palazzo Split Skirt Lounge Styles
Pretty Indian chic Beach Designs Pretty Indian chic Beach Designs
Embroidered, Colorfuly Fashionable Embroidered, Colorfuly Fashionable
Shoulder, Messenger, Ethnic Shoulder, Messenger, Ethnic
Graceful to Eclectic Graceful to Eclectic
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White Summer Cotton Tunic Top

White Summer Cotton Tunic Top

Spring in Bloom Full Short Skirt

Spring in Bloom Full Short Skirt

Indian Peasant Chic Dress

Indian Peasant Chic Dress

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Our cotton long skirts have been very popular for last three years, and they sold hot this past summer as well. The Fringed long skirt and Gaucho pant designs are so unique that often even we don't carry more than a couple. So if you like one, grab it before its too late. The Winter Indian collection has beautiful Wrap Around Skirts, patchwork skirts , and more. And we now have some fabulous Indian skirts in XL or Plus sizes as well to prep you for this season!

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Items are delicately packed and orders shipped from San Francisco within 24 hours. Low overheads and margins help to keep prices really low. Shipping is minimal. You can also sign up for periodic special discount coupons. Overall we strive to put together a great deal for our very happy and satisfied customers and send discount coupons to our regular customers whose number is fast growing.

Low Prices

We do not believe great fashionable clothing has to be very expensive. Carry many of these items well, and trust us you get a bang for your buck. You may find similar long skirts and bags sells at big department stores and fashion boutiques for unbelievably high prices. When you shop with us, you buy directly from the manufacturer, so you can enjoy direct global sourcing and thus best prices.

Welcome to our little bazaar!! We take great pride in our little store because we sell hand picked designer fashion mostly hand crafted merchandise. Everything we sell is meant to make you look and feel special, vibrant, HAPPY and cheerful. Thats why we love bright colors and fancy patterns and that is reflected in all we sell. Take a look at our unique collection and see for yourself......and do peek at our commitment to sustainable fashion clothing.

There's a little Indian in all of us! Our stylish and trendy Indian Chic Skirt Collection is perfect for the women of today who has an eye on the past! This vintage-look Indian clothing collection features rich tonal pinks and purples with golden accents.

We offer a distinctive and sophisticated collection of exquisitely sequined evening wraps, embroidered stoles and uniquely woven paisley stoles. We also have hand-embroidered and beaded and a new category of sequined handbags and some exquisite jewelry. We specialize in designer items with a sophisticated flair tastefully fashioned in exceptional colors. Many of our designs are inspired from the streets of Hollywood and made to order. Others are selectively hand picked to ensure creative designs and superior quality.

The Little Bazaar: Shop for ethnic and trendy long skirts, Indian skirts, jewelry, purses, bags, stoles, shawls. Best Value at Best Prices for Indian or hippie look long skirts and bags.

Best Selling: Long Wrap Skirts, Patchwork Skirts, College shoulder bags and Indian purses, Summer Cotton Long Skirts with patchwork

Shop for ethnic and trendy skirts, clothes, jewelry, purses, bags, stoles, long skirts, shawls

Best Value at Best Prices for Indian or hippie look clothing, skirts and bags

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